If our step Daily skin care regimen We dare not skip it, it is the application of serum. serum Is the best way Provides a highly concentrated, effective dose of active ingredients for the skin. Whether it’s antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid, Peptides, plant ingredients or any number of other ingredients, serum can bring smaller molecules deep into the skin, where they can exert their greatest effect.

“The main reason sera can do this is because of what they do no Contains,” says Kenneth Howe, A dermatologist certified by the New York City Board of Directors. “Compared with moisturizers, essences do not contain air-tightness and sealing ingredients, which allows them to penetrate deeper into the epidermis while carrying their active ingredients.”

Another reason why serums are the mainstay of skincare novices and enthusiasts? Good feeling factor. “Sera is the new moisturizer,” a board-certified dermatologist in New York City Alan Marble Tell Lure“They are great for layering-like cleansing a primer on the skin before applying makeup or sunscreen.”

Fortunately, there are many serum options on the market, including Vitamin C-Infusion based on variety and thirst quenching formula Hyaluronic acid, Suitable for any of your skin types and problems. In fact, we have 34 below, so keep scrolling to find your favorite.

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