There are 15 plug types in use all over the world. Type A and Type B Used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan; Type C It is very common in Europe, South America and Asia; Type E and Type F Germany, Russia, France and other places all over Europe; Type G Used in the UK, Ireland and a few other places; and the first sort Used in Australia, New Zealand, China and Argentina. Universal adapters often cover all these types.

Universal adapters usually do not cover certain countries/regions, such as India (Type D), Israel(Type H) And South Africa (M type or N type). You need to purchase specific plug adapters for these places. To avoid any accidents when landing, please double check the type you need before traveling.

If you only visit one destination, you only need a basic plug adapter suitable for one plug type. For travelers or frequent travelers to multiple destinations, the universal travel adapter can prove to be more versatile. The advantage of the universal adapter we recommend here is that it includes multiple USB ports and can charge multiple mobile devices from one socket.

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