Ask an Ordinary Guy Who Won Best Actress in 1986 Oscar prize They will be stumped. (This is Geraldine Page, FYI.) But ask them who is wearing the two-foot-tall showgirl headgear, and they’ll yell, “Cher!” without a second thought. That’s because, with due respect for the work done by the nominees and winners, the red carpet is the main event for most of us. Just like the 2020 Oscars, when the world’s brightest stars are gearing up for it over the past few years, they go all out with the help of the most skilled and creative teams of makeup artists and hair stylists .

“An actress’ hair and makeup at the Oscars can help define a decade of looks, so everyone’s going the extra mile,” said makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, who has worked with dozens of award-winning and Nominated celebrities have collaborated.

Case in point: “There were a lot of great beauty trends at the Oscars, like putting jewelry in the hair,” says stylist Mark Townsend, who did just that with Natalie Portman — one of his many memorable red carpet looks.

So put your feet up, pour a glass of wine, and microwave some popcorn because you’re in for some serious eye candy: These are the most memorable Oscar beauty looks of all time.