Some colors are indelible Related to falls, Like burgundy, berry, hunter green, and rust colors-changing leaves and the warm tones of the apple orchard. And these shades will always create a classic nail art.But just because they will never be out of date doesn’t mean you have to stick to them and use them alone, and with some of our Favorite autumn Nail art ideas, you really No need to wear one piece at a time.

Talented manicurists and celebrities visit the salons to share inspirational designs on Instagram every day, and the beloved Polish brand keeps launching amazing new colors, so there is no shortage of nail art ideas to add to your autumn nail to-do list ——Including those who you “will be very confident in being yourself.”

“mine [Instagram] The exploration page is full of abstract manicures, each of which is unique and perfect in its own way, or very simple and classic styles, such as French manicure with neon colors,” Nail artist Amy Le Told before Lure.

“As long as you have the right tools, lines and dots are the easiest DIY art to create,” the nail artist she Tell Lure“Necessities are toothpicks to create dots, makeup sponges for marbling, and thin eyeliner brushes or paintbrushes to create stripes.”

Here you will find unexpected ways to wear timeless shades and unexpected shades, as well as designs suitable for DIY-if you are ready Back to your favorite nail salon — Complex styles require professional touch.

Keep scrolling to see what you like to see from the sleeve of your favorite oversized sweater.

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