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Removed, traditional black ink The body artbecause watercolor tattoo There’s already been a buzz — and if social media is any indication, the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Check out Instagram, where the hashtag #watercolortattoos has over 1.4 million posts. Or peruse the TikTok hashtags #watercolortattoo and #watercolortattoos, which have nearly 20 million combined views.

You’ve probably seen these types of tattoos before, with swirls of bright colors that look like they’re painted on a canvas rather than etched into someone’s skin. “Watercolor tattoos are tattoos that use texture to replicate the beauty of watercolor or brushstroke paint,” explains tattoo artist Melody Mitchell. She shares that the technique does require a lot of attention to detail and finesse, as the tattooist is “imitation of different paints” The texture created by the medium on the skin”.

Brooklyn-based artist Edwin Delarosa says the watercolors involve the same inks and materials as most tattoos, but apply them differently. “Most styles where you want saturated color and value, watercolor tattoos are done by toning down the color, just like you would with watercolors,” he says.

If you have tattooed before, the aftercare of watercolor tattoos is no stranger. “You love watercolor tattoos as you would any tattoo,” says tattoo artist Lorri “Lady L” Thomas. “Make sure your new art is clean and moist – I recommend vegan or non-petroleum products – and keep it out of direct sunlight. Also, remember not to submerge it in water while it’s healing.” If you don’t know the What to use, check out this after-care product roundup.

Now let’s get into tattoo ideas. Go ahead and find all the inspiration you need for your first (or next) watercolor ink.