Need a summer reading list for fifth grade? These books for 10 or 11 year olds are organized by genre so they can explore what’s in each category.

Let the child choose from the list! Why? Because book choice is the key to ownership and motivation.

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Book reviews and recommendations for all 10 year olds.

It is worth mentioning that these books are also suitable for other grades. If you want other easier or harder lists, go here: 4th Grade Summer Reading List, 6th Grade Summer Reading List. Look all grade here.

A summer reading program can be a great motivator for fifth graders. I especially like programs that offer free books as a bonus.

Don’t miss this summer’s free reading printables as well as different free summer “brain camp” learning printables.

5th Grade Summer Reading List (Ages 10-11)

5th Grade Fantasy Summer Reading Book Ideas

If you like Fantasy and Science Fictionyou will like it:

5th Grade Adventure Summer Reading

5th Grade Adventure Summer Reading

If you like adventure, you will like it

5th Grade Mystery Summer Reads

5th Grade Mystery Books for Summer Reading

If you like mysteryyou will like it:

5th Grade Historical Fiction Summer Reading

5th Grade Summer Reading Historical Fiction

If you like historical fictionyou will like it

5th Grade Realistic Summer Reading

5th Grade Summer Reading Realities

If you like realistic noveltry to read:

Fun Summer Reading for 5th Grade

5th grade summer reading funny

If you like interestingyou’ll read these books with a smile:


If you like animal stories, you will like it:


about what nonfiction? Here are some good options:

Don’t forget to find ways to make reading fun!

Participate in a summer reading program.

Read in bed with headlamps.

Read on electronic devices. (Free eBook?)

Start a book club.

Reward reading. . . more books! (Of course, kids will choose.)

Read nonfiction books and graphic novels.

More book suggestions for your fifth graders:

–> More Book Recommendations and Reviews for 5th Graders

6th Grade Summer Reading List

Brain Camp Summer Learning Printable

Unwilling Reader Email LessonsIf you have a reluctant reader, you’ll want to take this 10-day email course! Go here to learn more.

5th grade summer reading list


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