Are you looking for ways to use August birthstone colors to complement your outfit and elevate your look?Continue reading more from Barbie Beauty’s share “Six styling tips to complement your August birthstone color.”

If you are the proud owner of a peridot or onyx gemstone, now is the time to learn how to style it. One of the most beautifully colored gemstones, peridot looks great when displayed in a ring or necklace.

You can even choose a nice pair of earrings to show off your August birthstone color. While peridot goes well with pastels, the brown of onyx is an ideal complement to earth tones.

But what about your clothes? You can style your August gemstone with a few simple tips and tricks to complement your look.

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Design Your August Birthstone
In this guide, Barbie’s Beauty Bits shares some practical tips to help you get the most out of your August birthstone color when planning your outfits. Let’s jump right in.

with neutral colors
In clothing and makeup, you can pair the peridot color perfectly with light and dark neutrals, including pastels. A dark neutral like brown will create a classic contrast, but you can also pair it with pastel shades like gray, white or even peach. Soft pink is one of my favorite choices to pair with August birthstones.

Also, don’t be afraid to mix and mix at most one color at a time.For example, if you are wearing a mint green maxi dress (closer to the color of peridot), you can add gold jewelry and shoes in different shades of pink (Light pink for heels, dark pink for statement hats or bags).

Best Fashion Matches Peridot Jewelry Barbie Beauty Bites

Add sparkle with a peridot watch
Peridot’s bright, warm shade is suitable for all skin tones. Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle and interest to your everyday look – adding an eye-catching watch is easy.

There are so many wonderful styles, from sophisticated and oversized to minimal. You’ll quickly find something that suits your personality.

Just about any outfit can handle the peridot color pop, whether it’s jeans and a T-shirt or cocktail dress. I recommend using this accessory to complement your look rather than dress it up – if you’re wearing pearls and diamonds, you probably don’t need some of the shinier rings and earrings.

Peridot Statement Necklace, Barbie Bits

Consider a Peridot Statement Necklace
A statement peridot necklace is a must if you want to elevate your look Jewelry collection.
Complimenting the color of your birthstone is an easy way to incorporate green into your outfits, and a statement necklace can be the ticket. It’s perfect for occasions where you want to grab the spotlight without any effort.

If you choose a statement peridot necklace, be sure to pair it with a simple yet sophisticated outfit. Choose a dress or blouse with a slash neck to add appeal to the necklace. Also, pair it with delicate studs or earrings to ensure your necklace is the focal point of your outfit.

make sure it pops up
First, the simple stuff. Avoid the temptation to go overboard with extra colors and accessories. A common mistake is layering colors without giving a single color space to breathe.

It can make it look like you’re fighting your closet in the dark. Instead, opt for understated makeup and jewelry and let your clothes/accessories/etc. Can be the only true pop of color in your ensemble.

Next, let’s talk about how to really make sure your birthstone’s color stands out and is proud of it. Start by picking a lighter version — maybe a pale green if you’re going with peridot — and use that as your base layer.

You can also experiment with a variety of greens, such as a dark green skirt or linen trousers with a mint green shirt and peridot jewelry. It creates an eye-catching sense of monochrome style that really makes these key pieces stand out.

Shoes that compliment peridot jewelry, Barbie beauty drills

Find shoes to compliment your birthstone
When dressing for an occasion, deciding what to wear can be challenging. The easiest way to do this is to focus on building an outfit around a pair of shoes.

A great way to gain confidence is to start choosing shoes that complement your birthstone jewelry and other outfits. The August birthstone is peridot, which you can choose from a variety of combinations.

One option is a natural color, such as neutral shoes, suede pumps, or leather ballet flats. Another option might be bolder, more colorful shoes, like these yellow satin slingback pumps or pointed-toe magenta pumps.

Sardonyx Augusts Other Birthstones, Barbie Beauty Bits

Don’t forget the salon
When you think of August birthstones, the first thing that comes to mind is peridot. What most people forget is that August is also about sardonyx.It is the ideal gem for those who prefer more “male” Look. It is a red and white onyx.

People have used this striking hue to adorn reliefs, signet rings, and carved sculptures for thousands of years. The ancient Romans associated it with strength and protection, which is why it became a popular amulet in warfare.It also symbolizes integrity, happiness and courage, making it an excellent gift for your boyfriend.

If you have sardonyx jewelry, be sure to add it to your summer wardrobe. E.g:

  • Sparkling metallics such as silver or gold pair perfectly with the subtle contrast of black and white onyx.
  • If you want to draw attention to onyx beads or buttons, try layering them over bright colors like bright pink or turquoise blue.
  • You can also use onyx beads for color accents in pastel shades like mint green or lavender purple. These softer shades will help soften the bold gemstone while still accentuating its unique look.

In summary
As you think about how to style your August birthstone color, keep in mind its complementary colors, which can be found in the nature around it. Instead of going overboard with too many accessories, choose a piece that can be the focal point of your ensemble.

Pair your peridot jewelry with neutral tones and soft pinks. Choose from statement necklaces, fancy watches or delicate rose gold earrings. Speaking of onyx, pair your jewelry with shimmering metallics to enhance its earthy brown hue.