I think the hardest age for summer reading is in middle school, isn’t it? Try these great books for 7th graders (ages 12-13) and see if your middle school students will keep reading throughout the summer.

I was wondering if your 7th grader is using a device to read? My daughter will. At least most of the time. I love that she’s reading, so I don’t care if she’s reading on a Kindle, iPad, paper book, or phone. It’s just that she reads well. Not too much nagging…

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Fantasy/Science 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th Grade Summer Reading

If you like Fantasy and Science Fiction Booksyou will like it:

  • bloom Kenneth Opel
  • Wizenard Series: Training Camp Wesley King
  • the last storyteller Donna Barbara Iguera
  • heart of steel Brandon Sanderson
  • cinder by Marissa Meyer
  • Scorpion House Nancy Farmer
  • Kelsey Murphy and the Unbreakable Art Institute by Erica Lewis

Realistic 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th Grade Summer Reading Realities

If you like realism booksyou will like it:

  • Pippa Parks ups her game Author: Erin Yun
  • went to the woods by Gary Paulson
  • starfish by Lisa Phipps
  • through the desert Dusty Bowling
  • boy, everywhere By AM Dasu
  • chance to fly by Ali Stroker and Stacy Davidowitz

Adventure and Mystery 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th Grade Summer Reading Mystery and Adventure

If you like adventuretry these books:

  • city ​​spy by James Ponty
  • Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation Stuart Gibb
  • 96 miles By JL Espring
  • wild whale by Roseanne Parry
  • Van Gogh’s hoax Deron Hicks
  • Scar Island Dan Germainhart
  • under by Roland Smith

Historical Fiction 7th Grade Summer Reading List

7th Grade Summer Reading History

Love historical fiction? Try a book from this list:

  • Allies by Alan Gratz
  • Bridge House Padma Venkatraman
  • Brother Guardian by Julie Lee
  • How to find what you don’t want by Veera Hiranandani
  • loyalty by Avi
  • Looking for Juni King by Alan Oh
  • the last sakura Katherine Birkinshaw
  • when the world is ours by Liz Kessler
  • free water Amina Lookman-Dawson

Nonfiction 7th Grade Summer Reading List

give it a try nonfiction books! Here are some incredible options you can’t refuse:

  • Rising: Ordinary Kids with Extraordinary Stories by Amanda Lee
  • Historical Comics: Colony Roanoke: America’s First Mystery By Chris Schweizer (Graphic Novel)
  • Anne Frank’s Diary: Graphical Adaptation Adapted by Ali Foreman
  • Accidental Archaeologists: True Stories of Accidental Discoveries by Sarah Albee
  • The unforgettable wild life of Dian Fossey and her tireless quest to save mountain gorillas by Anita Sylvie

7th grade summer reading list

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