The truth is that Ami is a constant gift to those who do what we do. This is comedy Kim: looks silly, lacks power, and is in French.Now it seems to be army (Ground troops) The latest recruit.The French military has added four Citroen Amis to its mobile fleet at the Istres base in southern France, which means perfect feel. Without a tiny car that looks the same as it is now, how can any self-respecting republic protect its homeland?

It turns out that, to our chagrin, the French army will not go to war on these wheels. trolleyIn fact, the facts are both boring and disappointingly wise: Amis will be used to shuttle personnel and light cargo around the Istres-Orange-Salon de Province Air Force Base. These duties are fully compatible with Ami’s top speed of 28 mph. , 45-mile range and three hours of charging time.

Even the French army admits that the Ami is actually a weatherproof scooter, which is more difficult to tip over.Nevertheless, it makes more sense than using a two and a half ton ship Infantry shuttle Bring your sergeant a baguette and a bag of Gauloises. Despite the fact that a small, slow, electric, single-wiper French car should go against everything we claim, the truth is that our jealousy is once again irritated because Ami’s military-spec pure blue paint looks quite attractive. And plain steel wheels.

If the experiment is successful, France will hire more Ami in other bases. What if things don’t go well? Well, at a speed of 28 mph, these small Citroen electric cars will be perfect for target practice.

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