us Love body care. Not only do we love it, but it’s also an important part of our self-care. So, as the weather moves into the warmer season ahead, we’re all looking for the right products to do the job of keeping us hydrated. It would be great if it made us smell good and feel soft.

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not sure what led to such generosity, but we keep noticing that celebrities are handing out their favorite products in the name of skin-friendly to keep them going (and, we buy). Hailey Bieber Recently let people know what caused her glazed glow (besides Rhode Beauty), we just got another product recommendation Cardi B. On her Instagram Story on May 11, the Bronx rapper revealed the exact body wash that makes her smell good.

Cardi B shared Native’s Baked By Melissa Tie-Dye Vanilla Cupcake Body Wash Actually Make her smell like cake. Get this: If you dare to follow in her sweet footsteps, it’s only $9. (It’s not shocking that her nails caused quite a while when she held the product with her sharpest, most eye-catching red manicure.)

Instagram / @iamcardib