Home to countless cookie recipes, ridiculous memes, and perfect last-minute gift ideas, Pinterest sure already has a lot to love. But what if we told you that you can make money on Pinterest?

The simple fact is this: In ab workouts and IKEA furniture hacks, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to use Pinterest to increase their revenue.and 31% of online U.S. adults use Pinterestthis is not an opportunity you want to stay on the table.

Can you make money on Pinterest?

Whether you’re a content creator, have an e-commerce business, or are trying to drive traffic to your blog, Pinterest can be a key monetization tool.

If your target customers are on Pinterest, they’re probably ready to buy. According to Pinterest demographics, 45% of adults In the US, users with annual household incomes over $100,000 are active on the platform. also, 83% of Pinterest users Make purchases based on what they see on the platform.

If you’re not monetizing Pinterest, now is a good time to start. To help you understand how to make Pinterest better for your business, check out these tips.

How to Make Money on Pinterest

1. Drive traffic to your e-commerce products.

Most suitable: e-commerce business.

If you sell products online, one of the easiest ways to drive more sales is to pin your product pages directly to Pinterest. Creating pins that link directly to your online store can generate meaningful traffic when paired with keywords your ideal customers are searching for.

Before you start sharing your products on Pinterest, make sure you have Rich Pins enabled, which syncs the latest information from your website to any Pins created from your website. Product-rich Pins Ability to get the latest prices, stock and product descriptions from your website, so you don’t need to worry about manually updating existing pins.

Rich Pins are free to use, just add some code to your website. New sites requesting Rich Pins are usually approved within 24 hours.

2. Create a pin for your affiliate partnership.

Most suitable: Users who have close relationships with their affiliated partners.

Affiliate Marketing This is a popular strategy for marketers and entrepreneurs looking to build passive income. As an affiliate, you can earn a commission anytime someone makes a purchase through a unique link to your product or service.

To use Pinterest for your affiliate marketing efforts, consider creating a pin that links directly to your affiliate link or a blog post or YouTube video that includes your affiliate link. By sharing your affiliate links on Pinterest, anyone searching for that particular product can find them, and you can earn a commission if they make a purchase.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind when using Pinterest for affiliate marketing:

  • Disclosed when affiliate links exist. Every FTC Guidelinesspecifying when to share affiliate links within a piece of content.
  • Only share direct links. Pinterest use is discouraged Link shorteners or tools that disguise the final URL when sharing affiliate links.
  • Optimize your pins for keywords related to affiliate products. The beauty of Pinterest is that it operates as a search engine. When your content includes the keywords that users are searching for, the content is more likely to generate clicks and engagement, which increases sales.

3. Send traffic to your blog.

Most suitable: Inbound marketers and bloggers.

Whether you rely on web traffic for ad revenue or as part of your inbound marketing approach, you can incorporate Pinterest into your traffic building strategy to increase revenue. Ranking for keywords on Google can be a complicated and time-consuming task. However, ranking for keywords on Pinterest can be more straightforward and lead to meaningful traffic gains.

According to Pinterest, 85% of users turn to Pinterest to start a new project or learn something new. If you’re creating useful content that matches the keywords your potential audience is searching for, you can capture some of that search traffic through Pinterest.

The following tips can help you increase web traffic through Pinterest:

  • use Pinterest Trends Discover which keywords are popular among Pinterest users.
  • Create multiple pins for each blog post with optimized titles, descriptions, and images that match the keywords users are searching for.
  • Save your pins to boards with optimized titles and descriptions that include the keywords users are searching for.
  • create Article-rich Pins Incorporate blog post title, description and author information into your pin from your website.

4. Join the Pinterest Creators Fund.

Most suitable: Creators who want to grow and monetize their Pinterest accounts.

In 2021, Pinterest launched Creator Fund Help creators grow and monetize their content on the platform. Open quarterly, these groups give participants access to unique brand partnerships and tools and resources from the Pinterest team to help them grow their reach.

This year, Pinterest announced an expansion of the program’s funding to support a wider range of creators.

How to Make Money on Pinterest: Content Created by Pinterest Creator Fund Participants

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5. Share purchasable pins for your products.

Most suitable: Online store and e-commerce business.

If you sell products online, Create shoppable pins Can be an effective way to increase sales for your products.Interaction with shoppable pins, according to Pinterest 20% increase 2021.One way to drive conversions on Pinterest is to enable Product pin on your account.

Product pins allow online merchants to list their products on Pinterest so customers can make purchases without leaving the platform.To set up shoppable Pins, please apply to be Verified business on Pinterest.

Below, you can see examples of shoppable pins for skincare brands, summer friday.

How to make money on Pinterest: Skincare brand Summer Fridays shares shoppable Pins on Pinterest

6. Create Sponsored Content.

Most suitable: Content creators and influencers.

Pinterest can be a lucrative space for influencer marketing. Content creators can partner with brands to create sponsored content specifically for Pinterest, or can negotiate higher rates for sharing sponsored blog and social content from other platforms with their Pinterest audience.

7. Manage other businesses’ Pinterest accounts.

Most suitable: Virtual assistants, social media managers and administrative professionals.

If you have the skills to manage and grow your Pinterest account, consider lending your services to other businesses. Despite the many benefits of being active on the platform, many busy entrepreneurs don’t have time to manage their Pinterest accounts.

In this role, you can develop a Pinterest strategy around your client’s primary business goals (such as increasing web traffic or increasing conversions for shoppable Pins), conduct keyword research to determine what their audience is searching for, and create Pins and Upload it to their account.

Having experience in this area is helpful. Try creating a portfolio outlining the results you’ve gotten from growing your own or another business’s Pinterest account to share with potential clients.

8. Attract new users with Pinterest ads.

Most suitable: A person who sells digital and physical products online.

If you have an online business, consider Advertise on Pinterest Get your products in front of potential buyers. Pinterest ads look like regular pins, but can be strategically placed where your audience is most likely to see them, including on the homepage and search results.

To start advertising on Pinterest, make sure you have business account. After creating a business account, visit advertising manager Create campaigns and ad groups.

Finally, you can choose to create a new pin or choose an existing pin to promote.The company is like this daily harvest Use paid advertising on Pinterest to attract new customers.

How to Make Money on Pinterest: How Daily Harvest Uses Paid Ads on Pinterest to Acquire New Customers

9. Showcase your products with video content.

Most suitable: e-commerce business.

creative pin is a multi-page video post that is rapidly gaining popularity on Pinterest.Although Idea Pins cannot link directly to web pages like standard Pins, users can Tag a specific product Appear in their creative pins to make them shoppable.cosmetic company Fenty Beauty Video tutorials are often offered on Pinterest to promote key products.

Users can tag products with affiliate links, and merchants can tag their own businesses’ products to drive sales. By sharing creative Pins featuring video clips of your products, you can help new buyers understand your product features.

With over 400 million users looking for inspiration and ready to buy, incorporating Pinterest into your business strategy is a great way to engage with your audience and increase your potential revenue.

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