Another month passed, Hot Wheels Legend Tour Another batch of finalists were selected. These winners will be selected through fan voting and guest judges tonight. Although Hot Wheels didn’t show us all the finalists, the three people shared by the company were crazy.

Probably the most outrageous is 1972 Mazda R100 is displayed at the top. The box fenders are ridiculously large because they are covered with a lot of rubber. In fact, it is actually a double at the back. We are not sure how good this is for performance, but it is definitely unique. In fact, before we left the fender, we also appreciated how the manufacturer added the R100 factory low wheel arch line to the rear fender. Unlike the other two cars, we can take a peek under the hood, R100 is equipped with a 20B three-rotor engine from Mazda Cosmo. It also has a large turbocharger.

Very close to the wild is 1941 General Motors Corporation Pickup trucks. It looks like something directly from the “Motorstorm” or “Onrush” video game. We don’t think there are too many traces of the original pickup except for the slightly rusted body. It sits on a huge control arm and long-stroke shock absorbers and springs. Although there is no photo of the engine compartment, the owner did provide a photo of him tumbling in the dirt. It looks like a full-scale explosion.

The trio was completed in 1993 Nissan Silvia. In comparison, it’s hardly that extreme, but it’s a very clean build, and it obviously started at the beginning of the pandemic.It has a rocket rabbit Body kit, Ultra-wide wheels and tires, and reduce the elegance.Purple, cyan and white colour This scheme is suitable for the coupe of the 90s, it penetrates every part of the car, right down to the steering wheel and lug nuts. We really hope we can see what kind of turbocharged engine (see front intercooler) powers it.

Judging and voting on the winners of this round of the tournament will begin tonight at 8pm Eastern Time.You can Hot Wheels Facebook page, please click here.

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