In another reality, Aaron Rogers is now drinking tequila instead of taking pictures in practice.

Aaron Rogers’ offseason drama ended with an eye-opening press conference and the Packers’ return to training camp (and a new contract). But those who doubted whether Rogers was considering retirement did not believe him.

Talk to Dan Le Batard, The Packers quarterback revealed how close he was to leave the game instead of stepping onto the Rambo Stadium in his 14th season as the Packers starter:

“I feel like I was 50/50 on the weekend before training camp,” Rogers said. “I don’t care if people don’t believe it-it’s true. Some things definitely made me 50/50. I spent a few days in silence, meditation and contemplation, and really felt that I should come back.

“Green Bay has many growth opportunities and exciting things. It feels like this is the right approach.”

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Rogers said at the first press conference when he returned to the Packers that he had seriously considered retirement at various stages of the offseason, but the 50/50 number showed how close he was to leaving.

2022 is very likely to be Rogers’ last season in the Packers’ color, if his contract is any indicator of his future: With the funds allocated to Rogers and his trading structure, his future in Green Bay after this season The best case is suspicion, the worst case is almost non-existent.

It’s a bit technical, but the most important thing for Green Bay is that he is training with the team, not golfing or hosting “Danger!” or other things.


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