Global health experts condemned Boris Johnson for removing most of the Covid-19 legal restrictions in England on Monday, calling it a “threat to the world” as the number of daily cases in the UK has risen to more than 50,000.

The UK now ranks third in the number of cases of any country in the world — only Indonesia and Brazil have more — and some scientists worry that it may become a hotbed for new Covid variants.

The ministers warned that as July 19, described by the tabloids as “Freedom Day”, approached, the number of daily cases could soon reach 100,000, and there have been signs of increasing tension in recent days.

Health Minister Sajid Javid announced this month that “there is no turning back”, but now ministers admit that they may have to reintroduce restrictions as they prepare for a surge in cases.

“Of course, if we fall into an unacceptable situation, we do need to remove further restrictions, then of course this is something the government will consider,” Attorney General Lucy Fraser told Sky News.

As the UK has reported 51,870 cases-the highest number since January 15-global scientists at the “emergency international summit” urged the Johnson government to “urgently reconsider its proposed actions.”

The online event organized by British scientists who opposed the end of restrictions attracted current and former government advisers from New Zealand, Italy, Israel, South Africa, Australia and Taiwan.

They signed a statement stating that Johnson’s decision would “have a profound and devastating impact on England” and added: “The UK is one of the world’s leading tourism centers-any variant that dominates there is possible. Spread to the rest of the world.”

Stephen Duckett, the former Minister of Health of Australia, said: “No well-known public health consultant would recommend opening when the virus is spreading rapidly.”

British officials said Johnson would not retreat at the last minute. The nightclub will reopen on July 19, restrictions on social gatherings will end, and the law will no longer require people to wear masks in crowded places.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty believes that England suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic better in summer (with less pressure on the health system and school closures) than in winter.

Johnson has been under tremendous pressure from Conservative MPs to end the Covid restriction. He also believes that as more people get vaccinated and infected people, especially young people, develop antibodies, the country’s “defense wall” will be Summer is strengthened.

But in recent days, the government’s once bullish tone has disappeared. Ministers once bragged about throwing away masks, and Johnson now urges people to be “extremely cautious.”

Some people worry that although the connection between cases and hospitalization has been severely weakened, Whitty is prepared to see the “wave” of Covid sweeping England in the summer may become a tsunami.

Speaking of individual hospitals on Thursday, Whitty said: “I don’t think we should underestimate the fact that we may get into trouble again at an alarming rate.”

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said he “hopes” that London Mayor Sadiq Khan will require wearing a mask when taking public transport in the capital, even though the government has cancelled the legal requirement to do so.

At the same time, just a few weeks ago, the ministers believed that the Covid certificate was unnecessary, and now they are recommending it to be used in nightclubs and other venues.

The bosses complained that as Johnson transfers responsibility for fighting Covid to companies and individuals, they are facing legal issues that make it difficult to expect customers and employees.

At the same time, as hundreds of thousands of employees were “tested” by the NHS Covid-19 app and told to self-quarantine after contact with people infected with the virus, companies and public services were disrupted.

The Prime Minister is now caught in political vices, Conservative Party MPs and right-wing newspapers urge him to strike for “freedom,” while public opinion wants him to be more cautious.

Mark Harper, chairman of the Covid Recovery Group, who is suspicious of the lockdown, said that Whitty was right to say that the country must learn to coexist with the virus and that the public “can balance the risks in life” is right.

He criticized the messy government information in the past week, implying that it contained description Johnson’s former adviser, Dominic Cummings, described a prime minister’s unpredictable turn in policy issues.

Harper told the British “Financial Times”: “The governance of the government must avoid believing that the prime minister’s former senior advisers criticized the’shopping cart’.”

At the same time, veterans in the Conservative Party admitted that the polls on Johnson’s policies were “very bad”, highlighting the political risks facing the prime minister if the policies start to disintegrate.

Ipsos Mori poll this week It was found that four in ten adults support wearing masks in public indefinitely, while one third of workers feel “uncomfortable” about returning to the office. A quarter believe that nightclubs should not be reopened.


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