according to E-travel, General Motors Have notified some Chevrolet Bolt electric car Owner, it will replace all their modules Battery And new.This is the latest measure taken by the automaker to solve certain problems Bolt electric car A model that makes the battery more likely to catch fire.As the publication points out, General Motors has recall In a little more than a year before, Bolt EV caught fire twice and after more than a dozen accidents due to battery-related issues.

General Motors recall In November, more than 68,000 Bolt EVs launched firmware updates, limiting their charging capacity to 90%. In July, the National Highway Traffic Administration release The July security alert advises owners of 2017 2019 Chevrolet Bolt electric car Do not park the car indoors or let them charge overnight. The warning was issued after two Bolt EVs caught fire in the United States. Finally, in April, the automaker released a final software fix that was supposed to be the problem. Obviously, this does not completely solve the problem, and GM has to find another way.

E-travel General Motors said that it has notified some car owners that they will be able to make appointments to replace all modules in the battery on August 23.Car owners who complete the replacement will also receive a new 8-year 100,000 miles Warranty. That said, Chevrolet Only battery modules in bolts produced within the time frame when GM suspects battery manufacturing defects will be replaced. According to the burning vehicle, E-travel GM may prioritize 2019 models, then 2017 and 2018 models. The company will also replace modules for owners who frequently perform deep discharges.

GM told the publication that they were “very cautious” in taking this step. In addition, GM and LG (battery manufacturers) will inspect the replaced modules and find out their defects. They will also try to figure out whether they can design an in-situ inspection method that allows owners to determine whether their batteries are at risk of fire.

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