Leikesasi Took the first step Electronic car Department at the time of publication UX 300e, A compliant car developed for the Chinese and European markets. It plans to launch a follow-up model in 2022, and this unnamed EV will represent a more serious attempt to take a share of the global market than its predecessor.

British Magazine coach According to reports, the next-generation electric Lexus will use cross Built on the e-TNGA platform, designed to support a large number of Toyota with Subaru Role model.Its size will work with NX, One of the company’s best-selling models, but it will get a specific design inspired by LF-Z concept electrification (Pictured) was launched in March 2021. It will retain the main shaft grille, but the function will become more like a decorative piece than a vent, and the wide tail light bar of the design study is expected to transition from the drawing board to the showroom floor. Some of these defining styling clues will permeate other models in the 2020s.

It remains to be seen what the low hatchback body will hide. coach I believe crossover will be closely related to the production version Toyota concept car bZ4X, Which will also be based on the e-TNGA architecture. All-wheel drive seems to be taken for granted, Lexus will undoubtedly pay more attention to performance and handling than its parent company. We look forward to seeing a certain degree of autonomous driving, although not completely autonomous. Interestingly, the steer-by-wire system may become a standard configuration, allegedly to provide a more attractive driving experience.

Lexus may launch an EV before the end of 2022, which means it will enter the showroom as a 2023 model.If everything goes according to plan, it will launch a total of 10 new electric models (including Hybrid) By 2025.

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