Disappear after 60 seconds? More like it disappeared within six hours.At least that’s how long we assume the thief (or thief) took to strip and destroy the internal organs of this cabin New Subaru WRX STI.

The video above (we should warn, which includes several F bombs) shows that the red WRX STI lacks wheels, brakes and most of the internal components, including the front and rear seats. This is a seemingly clean bowel job, and of course it will take some time to complete.

According to the blog Tire meets road, The incident occurred in Schomp Subaru, Aurora, Colorado. In mid-May 2022, a video of the torn state of the vehicle was uploaded to TikTok for the first time. Listen to the response from the dealer’s spokesperson. despite this, TMR It was noted that the dealer allegedly lacked video footage of the incident, and the total amount of stolen parts from this WRX STI was close to 25,000 US dollars.

We must assume that the dealer’s insurance total is this poor Soupy. In other words, if you see any offers for WRX STI parts that are “like new” or “never used” in the Aurora, Colorado area, you may want to consider alerting the police (or at least not trying to make a deal) with the seller ), because these STI kits may have been stolen from the vehicle in this video.

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