new Jeep Grand Cherokee A model without a supercharged V8 Trackhawk model will be launched this year, marking the end of the Hellcat high-horsepower era jeepEvery MoparInsiders, The model was originally planned to be extended to the new generation Big But as Jeep’s parent company Stellatis switched to electrification, it was eventually laid off.

For fans of Mopar performance, this should not be surprising, because for high-output, large-displacement V8 engines, especially on the outside Pickup trucks. Stelantis Incorporate its SRT engineers into other existing teams But assure customers that high-performance models still have a place in the company’s brand, even if they are no longer powered by a blasted V8 engine.

Conversely, high-output variants are likely to rely on electrification to increase power. Rumors of the Inline Six The replacement of some company’s aging gasoline engine series has been circulating for many years. One of the GME (Global Media Engine) architecture variants is already under the existing hood Jeep Wrangler with Cherokee In the form of a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine-the same gasoline engine as the Jeep 375-horsepower 4xe core Plug-in hybrid vehicle Powertrain.

The turbo 6 engine can easily match the power system. Between the snail and the electric motor, although the engine components are small, the Stellattis engineers still have many options to increase the total power output, which means that the engine compartment can also be reduced a bit, which is a performance hobby. This is good news for the readers, and will ultimately ensure the future of the Trackhawk nameplate.


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