A short video clip of the Q&A excerpt has been posted on ACO Technology Facebook page Today, this includes adding new content to Proton GKUI Infotainment settings.

In response to a question about when Spotify, Waze, and Google Maps will join the GKUI ecosystem, ACO Tech stated that “Google and Waze are apps owned by Google”, and ACO Tech knows, “These [navigation] The application will not have any new cooperation with any car manufacturer in the world. “

ACO Tech stated that as for music playback, current options include Joox Music, adding that the company is “cooperating with other entertainment applications” that will be available to users in the next few months, its reply wrote.

ACO Tech answers questions about GKUI system updates.Click to enlarge

ACO Tech’s response continues to foretell, one of the new updates “begins with’S'”, Spotify will be the obvious guess, although it is not static. Local efforts may also meet the requirements, such as Astro’s Syok entertainment platform, which provides digital broadcasting.

Regarding the possibility of incorporating Apple CarPlay or Android Auto into the Proton GKUI system in the future, ACO Tech responded that Apple and Android systems were “adapted from the mobile phone ecosystem” and believed that “the next one is already [stage] “Entertainment and lifestyle” and hope that users will enjoy a brand new experience after the upgraded software is launched.

Although ACO Tech assures users that it will provide software updates as soon as possible, it is ultimately difficult to determine the exact content of the upcoming updates.

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