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To celebrate the release Not forgotten: Dian Fossey’s wild life and her tireless pursuit of saving mountain gorillas By Anita Sylvie On June 29th, blogs on the Internet showed Anita’s original content and 5 chances to win the complete trilogy: Do not forget the original intention, with Fearless.

Activism, ecotourism and gorilla adoption-saving great apes

Author: Anita Silver

Recently, I published the third volume of the trilogy about The Trimates: Jane Goodall (chimpanzee), Biruté Galdikas (orangutan) and Dian Fossey (gorilla). These three are all disciples of the anthropologist Louis Leakey, who pioneered animal studies of their species, which are our closest cousins ​​on earth and possess 97-99% of our DNA . Not only did these women and their foundation stand out as scientists, they also found creative ways to protect and protect great apes.

As the first of Trimates, Jane Goodall focused most of her attention on involving children in protection and educating them. Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall She provides a series of traditional methods for training young nature lovers: taking notes and observing animals, drawing their territory maps, and paying attention to family pets. But early in her career, she founded an organization, Roots and shoots; It started with a small group of Tanzanian students and spread to more than 2,000 chapters in 50 states and around the world. These clubs adopted an environmental project suitable for the area, and many young people were attracted to conservation work because of their membership. Jane often writes to members, telling them to “follow their dreams, work hard and have fun”,

Biruté Galdikas, who still lives in Borneo, decided that low-impact ecotourism can both educate people and provide a source of income for her research. Approximately 15,000 lucky tourists arrive at her camp every year in small groups, where they can experience “the only place in the world where humans and great apes are equal.”

Guests travel on wooden boats and travel through the tropical rainforest before arriving at the pier. There, the orangutans living in the camp greeted them-these naughty ambassadors rolled on the pier, waving their legs in the air. Visitors listened to in-depth lectures and enjoyed the opportunity to watch orangutans for hours.Those taken This journey People often call it “the trip of a lifetime.”

Some employees of Biruté went to Rwanda to work with students from Dian Fossey, where limited ecotourism opportunities were established.One of the visitors, Ellen DeGeneres, described the trip in the foreword Unforgettable: The wild life of Diane Fossey: This is “one of the most beautiful, sensual, breathtaking and muddy journeys I have ever experienced.” Allen was impressed by what she saw and donated funds to build the 11-acre Allende Generous campus to accommodate other ecotourists, scientists and local Rwandans.

This Dean Fauci Fund Continue Dian’s mission to save the mountain gorilla. Today, the foundation employs local trackers who monitor and support gorillas. They also set up a way for people to symbolically adopt a gorilla they are trying to protect.

Biruté told me in an interview that she was troubled by the image of a lonely orangutan who was crying in the wilderness, not knowing that no other wild animals existed. I sincerely hope that Trimate Trilogy will inspire young scientists to take on the mission of these women-to allow our cousins ​​to live wild and free on this planet.


Unforgettable biography of Dian FosseyAmazon | Bookstore Net | Easy to read

Discover the fascinating fascination of pioneering primatologist and conservationist Dian Fossey in this powerful biography by award-winning author Anita Silvey Life and heritage, she takes the research and protection of mountain gorillas as her life mission.

In 1963, the young American Diane Fossey spent all his savings and the loan fulfilled her dream of going to Africa. Researching and protecting the few remaining mountain gorillas on the planet soon became her life’s mission. Fossey does not have any experience or formal scientific training, but she is smart, enthusiastic, and strong-willed-she happened to meet the paleoanthropologist Louis Leakey, who helped her achieve her goal of studying animals in the wild. Fossey established a research camp and devoted himself to tracking and observing mountain gorillas. For the next 18 years, Fauci was closer to the gorilla than any human being. When she learned to imitate their behavior and was accepted by them, Fossey’s research developed into a labor of love and a mission to protect her beloved gorilla from poachers and other threats—no matter what the cost.

Sadly, Fossey was murdered in her camp in 1985, and her death remains a mystery to this day. But her legacy continues through the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund: in 1973, Fossey recorded only 275 gorillas living in Volcanoes National Park; today there are about twice as many. Fauci’s story is one of tragedies, but also a story of passion, science and preservation. As Jane Goodall once said: “Without Dean, there might not be mountain gorillas in Rwanda today.” unforgettable It’s Sylvie’s dramatic conclusion of Niche’s trilogy of “threesome” biography. With unparalleled storytelling, sidebars, maps, and award-winning design, unforgettable Will inspire the next generation of budding scientists and environmentalists.

About Anita Silver

As author 100 books for children, 500 books for teenagers, with Everything I need to know is learned from a children’s book, ANITA SILVEY has invested more than 50 years in her career, dedicated to supporting books that turn ordinary readers into lifelong book lovers.The books in this National Geographic series are Fearless: the wild life of Birut Marie Galdikas and her fearless exploration to save orangutans with Untamed: The Wild Life of Jane Goodall. Recent books include Let your voice be heard: the life and times of Pete Seeger. Silvey is a guest of NPR, Today show, 60 minutes, And various radio programs, talking about books that are most suitable for young people. In a unique career in the field of children’s books, Sylvie divided her time equally among publishing, evaluating children’s books and writing. She believes that “only the best things are good enough for young people” throughout her life, which constitutes the cornerstone of her work.Former Houghton Mifflin Company children’s book publisher and editor-in-chief Horn book Magazine, she currently teaches modern book publishing, modern book publishing, and children’s book publishing history at Simmons University.

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Activism, ecotourism and gorilla adoption-saving great apes

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