Production Acura NSX It will end after the 2022 model year. However, before it goes, Acura Promise to cheer one last time in the form of an S-shaped variant.It is said that there are performance improvements and limited production, it will prove to be the final form Honda Second generation Supercar.

So far, Acura has only released some notices and some vague statements. Now, usually when car companies make ambiguous claims about improved performance, it means harder shocks or larger rims (after all, handling is a performance, isn’t it?).In this case, Acura specifically stated NSX In addition to sharper handling, the S-type will also have more power and faster acceleration. These are some real conversations, even if no exact figures are provided at this time.

From the trailer, we can see some visual signs that distinguish the S-type from the regular NSX.First of all, the hood is red, one colour Traditionally reserved for high-performance Honda such as R type Civic, Integra and NSX in the 90s. Many bright works seem to be blacked out, such as door handles and rear badges. They also added a small S-shaped logo on the front of the rear wheel.

Only 350 S variants will be produced, 300 of which will be allocated to the US market. It seems that ordinary NSX may not even be available. Acura’s website The regular NSX is no longer displayed. Only S type is displayed under the model selection menu.

The price of the first-generation NSX, launched in 1990 and considered one of the best supercars at the time, has been steadily increasing in recent years. It is difficult to say whether this generation of NSX will follow suit in the collector market decades later, because despite constant reviews, it has never fully attracted brand-conscious buyers. However, if it eventually becomes a popular classic, then Type S will definitely be worth the money. NSX Type S will be fully unveiled on August 12.

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