for anyone trying to get their hands on 2023 Acura Integra When it comes out, this one is for you. instead of a normal launch, Acura Starting Integra with subscription list.

From March 10, you will be able to pre-order and pre-order the Integra online.Of course, the booking process is still fully involved dealeras Acura puts it, “Participant-processed reservations dealer” at the bottom of its press release.

Acura has yet to reveal production details or even show us photos of the Integra’s interior, but because it will ask people to preorder one buy a car, we suspect these details and photos will emerge soon. If you want a sneak peek, We got some photos of the interior partially covered by the Integra PrototypePricing is also as vague as ever, as Acura just says it “starts at around $30,000.”

The actual website that Acura directs you to states that Integra’s “supply will be limited”. In today’s market, that’s likely to be true. However, the base Integra was never, nor do we expect it to be a limited usability model. It’s an entry-level sport hatchback that will eventually be widely available, even if a certain level of hype thins them out when they initially launch. Basically, don’t be fooled by the news.

If you do want to book one, Acura has register on their website This will get you notified when the booking site goes live. There is currently no suggestion that any deposit is required to book a spot, but we’ll be looking for more details when bookings start on March 10th.

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