Fran├žois Truffaut denies the possibility of anti-war films. Put a TV actor in a uniform and you are half the battle. All that is left is a well-lit explosion. can, Where the soldiers watched almost pornographic screenings Apocalypse Now, Emphasize this in a meta style.

At least in one contemporary example, perhaps it was the great director’s rules that made the industry regress. Relative to its duration, War in Afghanistan Probably the most underrated drama since the birth of the film. Not only South Korea and Vietnam, but every adventure into the Gulf region has received more or better Hollywood treatment. We are poorer due to negligence. Nothing in recent events can better teach this subversive idea that despair is sometimes justified.

The lack of any reasonable response to the 9/11 incident left the Taliban and its deadliest guests in place. At the same time, the prospect of acquiring a piece of land that once conflated the two empires is also utopian. What you left is one of the most outstanding perfect questions in my life: one without a good answer.It cannot be left alone, it cannot Is not Alone.

The most prominent case, but not the only one. This is the one closer to home. In addition to the direct victims, the plight of the deindustrialized towns from Ohio to Yorkshire is also a threat to freedom and democracy. However, there is no big speculation that convinces me more than this: in most cases, nothing will work. The government must try, and five or six British governments in a row must also try. Occasionally Pittsburgh will bring hope. However, most places that appear for a mining or manufacturing purpose will be difficult to survive. Inaction is more or less as far-fetched as successful action.

If “hope” is limited, and if certain crises are difficult to resolve, it is easier to break the news to the victims (more realistic than most) than their possible saviors. I spent enough time on the news threads of the ruling class to feel that voters misread them. What defines this world is not malice or arrogance, but innocence. Contempt for the people is not so much overconfidence in what policies can do for them to counter the cruel and procrastinating reality, as it is overconfidence. Tony Blair is a naive person, still considered Machiavellian, this is the most utopian example.

This is a sign of their inner life, which contains too much zeitgeist non-fiction about restarting the West or whatever, but Naipaul, Chesterton, and Waugh are not enough. The eternity of social problems, the abnormal consequences of change, and the role of futile efforts in human affairs: it is possible to receive noble education and screening from these authenticities. The summer reading list that is patrolled at this time of the year is itself unreadable.

My own transaction is an accomplice. Unsigned editorials give the newspaper essential cohesion and identity. They often irritate officials of sovereign countries to write it down. They have a stimulating effect on the author. But they work on the premise that all questions have answers: for example, Angela Merkel must “do this.” After reading two world-renowned newspapers making sausages, I knew that no editorial would raise a hand because of the unsolvable nature of a problem. However, sometimes it is more true without editorials. Immigration from desperate, fast-growing countries to smaller, wealthy countries that legally hate change is next. We will work very hard to suggest something that can be done.

In the final analysis, this is the relative neglect of the war in Afghanistan on the big screen. The inability of modern people to despair. Most wars mean glory (World War II) or stupidity (Iraq), both of which are guidelines for future actions. This is not a teachable moment, but an extended riddle. It’s right to go in, but it’s hopeless to go in. We must leave, leaving is reckless. A preaching medium like film is always at a loss because of this ambiguity. The rest of us will be involved.

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