Fighting between the Taliban and the Resistance in the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan continues as armed groups try to seize the last stubborn province.

Resistance fighters said on Sunday, They captured hundreds of Taliban soldiers And their equipment and vehicles.

At the same time, the top US general, Mark Milli, stated that if the Taliban were unable to establish control, a civil war in Afghanistan “may” break out, and warned that a widespread civil war could lead to a comeback of “terrorist” organizations.

In addition to a large number of American-made infantry weapons, the new ruler of Afghanistan now has a Hummer, an armored personnel carrier, and at least one Black Hawk helicopter in operation.

Here are the latest updates on Sunday, September 5th:

The Taliban say they have entered the capital of the Afghan region

The Taliban stated that their troops have entered the provincial capital Panjshir.

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi said on Twitter that the Ruha police headquarters and regional center adjacent to the provincial capital Bazarak had collapsed. The opposition forces suffered heavy casualties, captured a large number of prisoners, and seized a large number of vehicles and weapons. And ammunition.

He said that the battle for Bazarak is ongoing. The report could not be confirmed, and other Taliban Twitter accounts also responded to it.

Afghan civil war “possible”: American general

Senior American generals told the American media that a civil war in Afghanistan is “very likely” and warned that if the Taliban cannot consolidate power and establish effective governance, this situation may lead to a comeback of “terrorist” organizations.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Fox News: “My military estimate… the conditions of the civil war may develop.”

Milli said: “This in turn will lead to situations that may actually lead to the reorganization of Al-Qaida or the growth of Islamic State or other…terrorist organizations.”

Italy moves the Afghan embassy to Qatar

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said that Italy plans to move its Afghan embassy to Doha, Qatar, which is the latest Western country to set up a diplomatic mission outside Afghanistan since the Taliban took over.

After evacuating Kabul at the end of last month, many diplomats have flown to the Gulf country, which has been the seat of the Taliban political office since 2013.

The embassies of China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey in the Afghan capital have been kept open.

According to reports, NRF has captured hundreds of Taliban fighters

The Afghan National Resistance Front (NRF), a group of troops loyal to Ahmed Masood in the Panjshir Valley, said it had surrounded “thousands of terrorists” at Khawak Pass, and the Taliban had abandoned vehicles and equipment in the Dashte Rewak area.

NRF spokesperson Fahim Dashti said that “violent conflicts” are taking place in the area.

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford in the capital Kabul reported that local sources said hundreds of Taliban fighters had been captured.

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Resistance movement members stand guard at an outpost in Kotal-e Anjuman, Paryan District, Panjshir Province [File: AFP]

Pope wants many countries to accept Afghan refugees

Pope Francis said that he is praying for many countries to accept Afghan refugees, and clearly mentioned that the Taliban’s past restrictions on women’s schooling make it important for young Afghans to receive education.

“In these turbulent times when Afghans seek refuge, I pray for the most vulnerable of them,” he told hundreds of people in St. Peter’s Square, which is his weekly blessing.

Pope Francis says he prays for the most vulnerable of the Afghan people [File: Yara Nardi/Reutters]

Qatar operates daily aid flights to Afghanistan

Qatar has airlifted humanitarian aid to Kabul and said it will operate daily aid flights to Afghanistan in the next few days, and will provide much-needed supplies after the Taliban took over Western aid last month and was interrupted.

Since 2013, Qatar has established contact with the Taliban by hosting its political office, thus becoming an important interlocutor between Western countries and the Taliban.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar said that a Qatari aid flight carrying medical supplies and food arrived in Kabul on Saturday, and Qatar’s ambassador to Afghanistan Said bin Mubarak Hayalin was welcoming it at the airport.


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