The NFL is preparing to launch its top 100 player roster before the 2022 season. In another year, Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson performed well.

According to the league’s announcement on Sunday afternoon, Watson ranked 18th. Honor confuses many people.Watson accused of sexual misconduct and sexual assault 22 civil litigation and 10 criminal litigation. So why does the NFL include Watson among its top 100 players?

In fact, this is not the choice of the NFL. The top 100 of the year are voted by players, not the league or the NFL network. The players chose Watson for the fourth consecutive year-he led the NFL with 4,823 passing yards last season. The 18th place is the highest in his career.

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Having said that, the NFL is clearly not happy that Watson is on the list, or at least not celebrating his achievements. Instead, the league released a very uncomfortable video to accompany honor. It features zero-player interviews-which are usually the main content of the ranking-and begins with this sentence from the narrator:

“No one knows when Deshaun Watson will play again. His future is uncertain. But his talent is beyond doubt.”

This is a complete 87-second video from the NFL’s YouTube account.

It’s hard to blame the NFL for this video, but considering the allegations against Watson, why it made a video is worth mentioning. The league could have just announced his place on the list and moved on.

The NFL has not yet decided whether to punish Watson for violating its personal conduct policy, and the ruling may not be made soon. Watson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, said the alliance has not yet contacted Watson and his representatives.

“Before the criminal investigation is over, the NFL often tries not to contact the defendant and their lawyers and seek evidence from them,” Harding said. According to Yahoo Sports“Historically, they want to ensure that they do not interfere with criminal investigations. When the criminal investigation is over, they will do their own separate sorting out…. I have no contact with the NFL, except for the initial call and saying, “Just When the time is right, we will cooperate fully. You let us know. “This will be the case.”

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