Joey Chestnut is the undisputed world hot dog eating champion… According to a recent food nutrition study, this title may cost him several hours at a time.

According to research results published this week in the journal Nature (Via New York Post), a beef hot dog on a bun will cost the person who eats it 36 ​​minutes, “mainly due to the adverse effects of processed meat.” Since 2006, Chestnut has eaten no less than in any Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contests 52 hot dogs. The record for the least number of hot dogs he has eaten in the game is 32. This was in 2005.

This information comes from researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Their research puts foods in the “healthy nutrition index” and basically ranks them according to the number of minutes they increase or decrease when they are ingested. The study ranked the food that lost 74 minutes to 80 minutes gained.

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“Previous studies investigating healthy or sustainable diets often reduced their findings to discussions of plant and animal foods, the latter being accused of being the least nutritious and sustainable,” the study wrote. “Although we have found that plant foods generally perform better, there is a considerable difference between plant foods and animal foods, and this should be acknowledged before this general inference can be assured.

“Consistent with previous research, this suggests that nutritionally beneficial foods may not always have the lowest impact on the environment, and vice versa.”

Joey Chestnut has eaten a total of 1,094 hot dogs since his debut in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2005. He has won 14 times in this competition. According to the results of the study, this is equivalent to a reduction of 39,384 minutes in his life. That is 656.4 hours, or 27.35 days. This does not include hot dogs eaten during qualifying or training.

It takes a small price to become the most competitive diners in the world. In any case, the results of this research found a way on Twitter, and users soon wondered how this affects Chestnut:

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