The wolves are Friday.

Minutes before the first game of the University World Series on Friday, North Carolina State University vs. Vanderbilt University, the game was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns. North Carolina State University was forced to detain some players and can choose to abandon the game and try again in the winner-takes-all game against the brigadier on Saturday.

But North Carolina State University voted by an overwhelming majority to choose to play instead of abstaining, using only 13 players to participate in the game: 9 position players and 4 pitchers, which is much lower than the 36 players usually on the match day roster and active.

According to the team, how many players are in the coronavirus agreement, and as the team resolved the issue, the first game was postponed for more than an hour. Starting second baseman JT Jarrett is one of the missing regular lineup players at North Carolina State University.

“It’s weird,” Wolfpack coach Elliott Avent told ESPN in a midfield interview (Every baseball usa). He said he discovered what was happening about 45 to 60 minutes before the game started. “They have been delaying things, and then they took some players out of the dugout and they delayed things.”

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Total number of new players in the Wolfpack lineup this season: only 3 of 27. with They are all freshmen. with It didn’t get easier: They faced Vanderbilt’s Kumar Lock on Friday, one of the top pitchers in the country.

North Carolina State University has a chance to beat Vanderbilt University and win the admission ticket to the first University World Series final next week, and win on Friday. If not, there is still a chance to eliminate Commodores on Saturday.

However, regardless of winning or losing, how brave Wolfpack played on Friday.

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