Andrew Cuomo is a ruthless, domineering bully—this is what friends and admirers say about him.

After the Governor of New York Resign on TuesdayAfter being accused of sexually harassing numerous women and presiding over a toxic office culture, some New Yorkers are now wondering if his successor needs similar qualities to govern a country that is notoriously difficult to govern — or one dominated by an overly aggressive male Whether China’s political culture is prone to scandals may be ready for new things.

Even before Cuomo’s death, Alexander Reichl, a political scientist at Queen’s College, saw the state teetering on a potential fulcrum: between the rising MeToo movement and young progressives, as well as Staged in the secret room and run by an old boy’s network.

“In some ways, New York’s politics has progressed, and he is still insisting,” Reichl said Como ——Although he admits that the old feelings of the strong will not die easily.

On Tuesday, Cuomo announced his resignation in a speech of about 20 minutes, which was an unexpected symmetry. Passed by the U.S. Senate $1 trillion in infrastructure bills; During his ten years in office, Cuomo is good at construction.

There are bridges, like the large span that spans the Hudson River named after his late father Mario, another New York governor; the remodeled LaGuardia Airport in Queens; the New York Penn Station The Moynihan Train Hall; and Manhattan’s new Second Avenue subway line, which has been in decline for decades after it first started construction in 1975. What makes Cuomo succeed where many others have failed is a kind of crazy determination and talent, as one observer put it, “bullying the bureaucracy.”

Andrew Cuomo at the 2017 press conference marked the beginning of a new round of renovations at Penn Station in New York © Drew Angerer/Getty

“Andrew Cuomo has some flaws, but his legacy as governor will be the bridge and airport he rebuilt,” said Mitchell Moss, head of the New York University Rudding Center. “He did what none of our previous governors did: invest in our transportation infrastructure.”

Hank Sheinkopf, a senior political strategist in New York, said that Cuomo succeeded in doing this. He didn’t care who he trampled on, and was conquering the New York and New Jersey Port Authority and the Metropolis. The government maintains strict control over his troops when organizing. Department of Transportation and suppressed the Office of the Mayor of New York City. Consensus is not his model.

“His people are his people — they haven’t responded to anyone else. This is his people, his country, his work, his project. That’s why it works,” Sheinkopf said. “For a long time, we won’t see anyone who will say:’Go to hell! I will finish it, because that’s why you let me come here.”

The 168-page report released last week demonstrated some of these same qualities in a far less pleasing way. Leticia James, Attorney General of New York State. Most notably, the survey results showed that he sexually harassed 11 women-from making pornographic comments to them to unwelcome touching and kissing.

On the basis of this position, Cuomo enjoyed absolute respect during his three terms. He was not so much an elected official as a king.according to That reportWhen the charges were first brought against him, he and his assistants conspired to smash the lady’s reputation by leaking classified documents—just like they fought and won in a bureaucratic turf war.

“I praise his consistency,” said an adviser who had worked with the governor. “He has never changed.”

Cuomo, 63, was elected for the first time in 2010. He tends to accept the title of domineering president to prove that he is a strong leader. As one of his assistants once said: “Your bully is my champion.”

Now, after his early leadership became a national sensation Coronavirus disease pandemic, He joined a group of super-manly New York politicians recently, and they became popular in an amazing way.

Andrew Cuomo (right) and his daughter Michaela (left) and assistants Stephanie Benton and Melissa De Rosa announced on Tuesday that he will resign as governor of New York © Seth Wenig/AP

Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign in 2008 after only one year in the governor’s office after the news that the former “Wall Street Sheriff” patronized high-priced prostitution services came to light. After replacing Cuomo as the state’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman resigned in 2018 after reports that he had physically and sexually abused several women. Schneiderman claimed that this is part of sexual role playing. Congressman Anthony Weiner was one of the most dazzling stars of the state Democrats until he fell due to repeated sexual intercourse scandals.

Whether New York politicians are simply plagued by stricter media censorship than others, or whether their voters like such aggressive figures to tame a clumsy country is a controversial question.

New York includes the world’s financial center and the most populous city in the United States—a place torn apart by inequality and increasing violence—and vast northern farmland. Its business interests range from Wall Street and technology to real estate and agriculture. The governor and a New York City mayor who enjoys more limelight but less power is caught in an endless battle.

There are hundreds of public agencies overseeing airports, convention centers, and other entities, but there is little accountability. An unruly legislature is located in Albany, where the Progressive Democrats are currently at war with the moderates.

“New York is the location of such a diverse population and competitive interest groups. It needs some bullying talents to make this work,” Sheinkopf observed, describing the state’s governance as being “too many benefits, too many industries, Too much money, too little money”.

A screen in Times Square shows a TV news report of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigning on allegations of sexual harassment ©Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty

Stu Loeser, former communications director of New York State Senator Chuck Schumer, agrees that state politics tends to reward militants. “Do you need to be Governor Cuomo? No, but being aggressive will help,” he said.

However, in the process of the governor’s downfall, Loeser also saw evidence of other possibilities. Attorney General James, who emerged as a contender to replace the governor, was not wishful thinking, as she proved by resisting Cuomo’s investigation to suppress her. Despite this, James has steadily established a career in the city and now in state politics, and has adopted a more consensus approach.

“Tish James is not aggressive in person,” Loeser said. “She disagrees with the view that hitting people in the face is the best defense.”

While New York may be a beast that needs a tough leader, Travis Terry, president of Capalino, a New York City lobbying company, believes that this may be changing. He said that today’s politicians “through empathy and listening and trying to find common ground, even if people don’t always agree,” this has become more effective.

Although James is considered the frontrunner if she ran for the state’s highest office next year, Kathy Hochul will become the first female governor of New York after temporarily taking over the position within a few days. The Lieutenant Governor’s public image is very low, usually described as friendly and capable, but lacks Cuomo’s vitality.

For New Yorkers, this may be refreshing — it may even be effective.


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