The NFL may no longer stand for “No Fun League”.

In recent years, the league has relaxed some stricter rules. In the 2022 season, the team will no longer need to comply with a helmet rule. The team can have a spare helmet that players can wear during the game.

The second helmet can be paired with spare, retro and Color Rush jerseys. This gives each team the flexibility to mix and match their uniforms throughout the season.

This seems like a victory for the NFL, because fans will see some of their favorite retro helmets in the game. SN is most looking forward to seeing these eight people after the start of the 2022 season.

photo: SN ranks retro uniforms


We must start with the obvious. The Creamsicle orange uniform of Buccaneers may be the best retro jersey in the NFL, and the helmet is definitely the best.

The red-orange pirate on the white helmet is an amazing symbol, affectionately called “Bucco Bruce”. It would be interesting to see Tom Brady wearing it on his head-assuming the veteran quarterback is still playing in 2022.

Tampa Bay owner Joel Glazer has been pushing for changes to the rules of return for a long time.

“In terms of return, we have been at the door of the league trying to get them to move so we can put on our return,” Glazer said every Tin report“We are not there yet. But it is under discussion and hopefully it will happen sometime in the future. I know how popular they are among our fans.”

Therefore, it can be said with certainty that once the new helmet rules are in place, the Pirates will become one of the early teams to wear retro helmets.


Like the Pirates, the Patriots have a sturdy retro helmet, a white base and a mascot as their logo. “Pat the Patriot” may not be as iconic as Bucco Bruce, but needless to say, he is more interesting than the “Flying Elvis” currently decorated on the side of the New England helmet.

Compared with Pat the Patriot, the Patriots have achieved greater success in Flying Elvis, but fans may welcome the return of the red bench and the classic helmet. They will definitely doubt whether Mac Jones will wear one in 22, because he looks like he will be Brady’s successor.

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There is little difference between the old and new eagle helmets. They have a wing on each side, and the background is green.

But the hue of green is very different. The newer helmet is midnight green, and the old helmet is Kelly green. Kelly Green stood out and formed a unique and bright unified combination. Fans are welcome to see it again.

Randall Cunningham wore Kelly green during his time with the Hawks. Maybe Jalen Hertz will look like a mini Cunningham in these jerseys-if he can become a passer.

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The Falcons changed their uniforms before the 2020 season.they One of the smooth jersey designs that slaughtered the NFL to a large extent And eventually became the fourth-worst team in the NFL.

coincidence? Possibly, but if the team’s road to failure continues in 2022, it’s okay to try retro helmets in 2022.

The Falcons have a sharp red helmet with a black Falcons logo on the side. It will provide helmets that are more popular than their current helmets, which are black bases with red, black and white falcon logos.

Denver Broncos

In the past few years, the Broncos have increasingly turned to orange jerseys to commemorate Orange Crush’s defense, but they still wear dark blue helmets. Orange and blue are complementary colors, but the dark blue makes the uniform appear less prominent.

If the team switched to the old light blue helmets in a few games, few people would complain. The logo above is pretty cool.


The Seahawks completely reinvented their jerseys and helmets in 2012. After Nike took over the NFL jersey manufacturing contract from Reebok, a change took place.

Although the modern Seahawks jerseys are sharper and better than the old ones, the silver helmets that the team wore before the change had a certain charm.

The green-eyed sea eagle looks great on Russell Wilson’s head, and the unique blue mask helps distinguish the helmet from other retro helmets.

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The color of Miami’s jersey is an elite color, which represents the South Florida area well. The dolphin wearing a helmet jumps out of the sea and faces the sun. There is always something fascinating.

Despite paying tribute to the new dolphin on the Miami helmet, we don’t mind seeing our old friends come back to play a few games every season, if only to show us the brilliance of Dan Marino on the court.

Bengal tiger

The Bengal Tiger really doesn’t have a good retro helmet. They have been using striped helmets since the 1980s. So why are they on the list? They will have the opportunity to make their own replacement helmets instead of using traditional retro helmets.

Some people recommend a black and white appearance. A zebra look with a white Color Rush sweatshirt may be a good alternative.

That’s really cool. Either way, it’s interesting to imagine what the creative team behind one of the best helmets in the NFL can come up with.

Newer expansion teams, such as the Panthers, Jaguars and Texans, will also be worthy of attention because they do not have a traditional return and are free to create their own teams.

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