Tokyo Olympics update

Japan handed over the Olympic flame to Paris at the conclusion of the Tokyo Olympics. This is the first global sporting event since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all No audience.

After falling behind for most of the 16-day game, the gold medal craze on the last day left United States 39, Leading China by 1 point with 38 points. The host, Japan, ranked third with a score of 27.

result Highlighted the complex emotions Japan experienced during the Olympics: proud of the performance of the country’s athletes, but also worried about the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases and the feeling of being out of touch with the US$25 billion event, because the public can only watch it on TV .

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government prohibits spectators from entering the venue, and due to the extreme heat and American television programming, many sports events are held in the early morning.

“Safety is our top priority. In general, I believe we can reach the closing day without any major challenges,” said Seiko Hashimoto, President of Tokyo 2020.

The final total of Covid-19 cases in the Olympic bubble is 436. There were 26 cases on the last day, including 5 foreign journalists, but no more athletes.

Since the start of the Olympics, the number of daily Covid-19 cases in Japan has tripled to more than 15,000, a record high.The doctor who led the country’s response to the coronavirus, Shigeru Omi, said that hosting the Olympics has caused the public to Put your guard down.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has stayed away from sports events to a large extent, and now he must make difficult decisions about whether to allow spectators to participate in the Paralympics as he prepares for the fall election.

At the closing ceremony, Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike presented the Olympic flag to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo. The French capital staged part of the ceremony via video, with break dancers and crowds in Trocadéro. The thunderstorm in Paris stopped the plan to raise the flag at the Eiffel Tower.

Like the opening ceremony on July 23, the closing ceremony also adopted a low-key tone, acknowledging the tremendous changes brought about by the global pandemic. The show combines traditional Japanese cultural performances of Taiko and Bon dance with the music and break dance of a world champion DJ-the sport will make its debut in Paris in three years.

Part of the behavior occurred before a group of spectators of athletes who spent time in Japan, who were confined to a strictly controlled bubble designed to prevent the outbreak of Covid-19, which is an activity that some tourists might enjoy if they are allowed out of Tokyo .

Japan’s severe heat and humidity posed challenges to athletes throughout the competition, although in general this did not cause the disturbance that some people expected, and set a number of world records. Athletic track.

Although the men’s marathon is held in Hokkaido, the country’s coolest northern island, nearly 30% of men’s marathon runners withdrew from the race on Sunday. A day ago, due to the heat wave in Sapporo, the organizers decided at the last minute to start the women’s marathon one hour earlier than planned.

The final day’s results include gold medals in the US Women’s Basketball and Volleyball. Britain won two final gold medals in boxing and track cycling competitions, and ranked fourth on the medal list with 22 gold medals.

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