Detroit– General Motors Is telling some older owners Chevrolet Bolt parks them outdoors instead of charging them overnight, because two of them Electric car Fire after recall repair Is made.

The company said on Wednesday that the request covers bolts from 2017 to 2019, which belong to recall Earlier due to fire battery.

The latest request was made after two bolts that were recalled for repair caught fire, one in Vermont and the other in New Jersey. General Motors Spokesman Kevin Kelly said.

He said that owners should take these measures “very cautiously”. He said these steps should continue until GM engineers investigate and develop a repair plan.

“We are investigating this issue as soon as possible,” General Motors said in a statement.

Vermont Rep. Tim Briglin’s 2019 Bolt caught fire. He said he drove it to work and went home in Thetford, Vermont on June 30, draining the battery to About 10% of its cruising range.He plugged it into a 240-volt outdoor charger at around 8pm, and the car sent a message saying that it would leave Bolt in his driveway after it was fully charged at 4am

At around 6:30 the next morning, he saw smoke from the back of the car and called the fire department. He said that the volunteer firefighters arrived within 10 minutes and used a lot of water to extinguish the fire, but stayed for another three hours, using an infrared camera to ensure that the battery temperature did not rise and the fire did not restart. He said that except for some nearby plants that were damaged, there was nothing else.

Briglin said he completed the recall for repairs on June 9 and charged his Bolt to 100% battery capacity the morning of the fire, he said.

Briglin said he was happy that General Motors was taking action because he heard that the Bolt owner did not know what to do because of the recent fire. “I have a good experience in this area, but at the same time, the ending of this Bolt is not happy,” he said.

He said that General Motors plans to find him a 2022 or 2022 model to replace his model, but this is a total loss.

In April of this year, General Motors announced that it had developed diagnostic software to find abnormalities in 69,000 bolt batteries worldwide. If a problem is found, the company will replace the defective part of the battery.

Kelly said that car owners who have not completed the recall and repairs should still take their car dealer Get repaired.

In November, GM recalled electric car After receiving multiple reports of battery fires. The two inhaled heavy smoke and a house caught fire.

At first, the company didn’t know what caused the problem, but it determined that the battery that caught fire was nearly fully charged.Therefore, as a temporary solution, the owner and Dealer Was told to make a software change to limit charging to 90% of battery capacity.

General Motors traced the fire to a rare manufacturing defect in its so-called battery modules. It can cause the battery to short-circuit and cause a fire. Under the remedial measures, the dealer will install software designed to warn the owner of the problem and replace any defective batteries.

The company said that each Bolt has 288 batteries, and engineers work hard to analyze data from hundreds of thousands of batteries.

The recall occurred after the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration An investigation into the fire started last year. The agency said in a document that when the car was left unattended, a fire broke out under the rear seat.

Engineers determined that from May 2016 to May 2019, a fire broke out in Bolts and the battery pack was produced at the LG Chemical Plant in Ochang, South Korea.

Part of the 2019 Bolt and all the 2020 and 2022 versions of the battery are produced at the LG Chemical plant in the Netherlands, Michigan, and are not included in the recall.

Once the final recall is completed, the full range of bolts will be restored. The old bolt can travel approximately 238 miles (383 kilometers) per charge.


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