Aidan Hutchinson (left) and Kayvon Thibodeaux
illustration: Getty Images

Drafting is truly one of the most maddening parts of sports. Yes, fans have reason to be enthusiastic about a team with a winning percentage below .400 four months into the season. If it feels like the rest of the league is on its way to success and your favorite team is deep down the drain, reading about your team doing well in the draft almost half a year earlier than any player will watch To the game action, here are all the lights you need to keep those phone alerts going for the rest of the offseason.

For those who improve their teams through the draft, the task is to assess the competition between potential players and underdogs. About 2 percent of players who played in NCAA football last season will play professional football. In the NFL, 100% of players active in Week 1 will play professional football. So while it’s eye-popping to see 21-year-olds move as if they were built in a lab compared to their Monday morning peers who looked like they were in an accounting class, sometimes It’s hard to see how this will translate.

That’s why there are drafts, interviews, career days, and people looking into your background as if you wanted to join the FBI. Team directors and scouts have to be sure, because if they miss too many times, their careers will never come close to cruising heights.

However, could there be so many people online that could be a little more advanced in the way they evaluate players? If stopwatches and game footage weren’t enough, can we break the clich├ęs that are always fixed on certain players. Of course it’s draft season, so we do wonder how much of this information is coaches and organizations trying to get what they want in their own way. Last year, if the San Francisco 49ers selected Mike Jones with the No. 3 overall pick, he would have been selected by the New England Patriots at No. 15, which was a real problem.

We had a good old fashioned matchup this year. Something that the legendary Nolan Nawrocki could gnash his teeth. Which pass rusher is drafted first, a white player from the Big Ten, or a black player from the West Coast? This is the core casting of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and the most recent mock draft is like 1984.

Bruce Feldman of Track and Field release Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson was selected in the mock draft earlier this month overall first From the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oregon’s Kevon Thibodeau to the Atlanta Falcons, eight. What led him to these decisions, let’s see what the coach had to say to him about the two players.

Hutchinson: “He loves football and wants to be a great leader” – first sentence. “In the movie, I’m not impressed” – I always thought that movies don’t lie. “But personally, it’s the motor he uses, combining his speed and power.

Thibodeau: “When he wants to go, he can actually go” – so sometimes he just says fuck off, even though he played with an injury last season? “There’s talent out there, but what do you get?” – talent, I guess. “He’s a genius of a generation and weird in movies. Best D-Lineman in a Pac-12 since Vita Vea” — that’s horrible. “You just want to know how much football means to him.”

Ah, football may not matter to Thibodeau compared to Hutchinson, who eats face shields and wacks chin straps. To be fair, Feldman isn’t just people he’s talked to who have this sentiment. Start the new year with a Google search on Thibodeaux. It returns headlines like “He’s fine, not great”, “Top prospect Kayvon Thibodeaux responds to criticism” and “Kayvon Thibodeaux’s latest duck faces confusing criticism.”

Another was Los Angeles Chargers starting quarterback Justin Herbert, who was questioned before the draft if he was really a “man’s leader.” Because even if you’re white, there’s a part you have to see in the NFL. You want to be lovable but not unapproachable, confident but not arrogant, demanding but good teammates, obsessed with football…no balance, spit pigskin from 11 until your body can’t get out or you been cut too many times.

One of Thibodeaux’s problems is that he thinks about life outside of football. That’s why he picked Oregon and Phil Knight over Alabama.He even has his own cryptocurrency. This leaves him open to the following questions how bad He wants to play football and he will do it in every game.

I really thought we’d be over in 2022, but I think we’re still here. I know there’s JaMarcus Russell to avoid, but the late Al Davis won’t make that mistake again. Tim Tebow, on the other hand, is the leader everyone wants, except he completed 46.5% of his passes in 2011 for an average of 6.4 yards per attempt and the Denver Broncos made 3 of his 11 starts Score over 20 points.

Drafting can be an imprecise science, but how to measure what we literally call intangibles makes the process more accurate.All it does is expose people to those stereotypes that are so easy to fall into laser focus In football, they never took the time to realise the importance of actively avoiding these stereotypes in order to be a decent human being.

So for those who think Thibodeau can play or that he can’t do his job, so does Hutchinson. But don’t give us the kind of love that’s been shoveled into 100 years of gaming trash that has been shoveled into the willing trough of desperate sports fans. Watch the tapes, compare the measurements, and if it’s necessary to red herring other NFL teams, it can be done without character descriptions worthy of a 1980s buddy cop movie.