Al Jazeera’s media network called the closure of its Tunis office a “disturbing escalation” that would hinder reporting of events in the country.

Doha, Qatar – Al Jazeera Media Network condemned onslaught One day after President Kais Saied suspended Parliament and removed the prime minister, security forces removed him from his office in the capital, Tunisia.

The following is the full statement of Qatar Networks:

Tunisian security forces raided Al Jazeera’s Tunisian office and expelled all journalists. At least 10 security personnel broke into the office without a search warrant, confiscated the office keys, and did not allow reporters to return to the building to retrieve their personal belongings.

The security guards did not explain why they raided the office, only that they were obeying orders.

Al Jazeera believes that this action by the Tunisian authorities is disturbing and fears that it will hinder fair and objective reporting of events in the country. Al Jazeera called on the Tunisian authorities to allow its journalists to carry out their work unhindered and to be allowed to pursue their profession without fear or intimidation.

The network values ​​the solidarity of human rights and media organizations because they condemn these actions against Al Jazeera’s Tunisian branch.

In a world where the media and journalists are facing more and more threats, Al Jazeera sees this as an attack on the freedom of the press as a whole.

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