The sixth day of the Betplay Dimayor League brought good games. One of them was the Millionaires who directs Alberto Gameror against a Deportivo Cali in crisis. The result ended (4-2) in favor of the ‘Ambassadors’ and the coach was upset.

Despite the expectation of seeing a resurgence of the ‘Azucarero’ team, the albiazules were able to capitalize on the score. Likewise, Alberto Gamero became one of the protagonists of the pre-match by showing an annoyance against his direction.

And it is that, before the duel, the squad concentrated on giving a customary welcome to the debutant Samuel David Asprilla Gallego. In that sense, the players agreed that it was necessary to ‘shear it’ as a ritual before the debut. However, for Gamero that was not a very good idea.

Just before the team took the field, the young player received a cut through a machine that was rotated by several of his teammates. In the middle of it, the coach appeared with a visible indignation at the fact. A ‘live’ on Instagram revealed what happened.

Although the samarium helmsman is very little of being angry, this time he let that facet out. He disagreed with the idea and made the players aware of it. With some gestures on his face and movement of his hands, it was evident that he was not having a good time with the situation.

However, the players on the campus calmed him down with explanations. Several approached him to explain that it is a custom of yesteryear in professional clubs… and it seems that he understood. Well, in the end, he decided to leave the changing roombut not before saying that he preferred to see him completely shaved.

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Alberto Gamero and his anger with the team

After the victory, Millonarios continues as leader of the table with 14 units. For its part, Deportivo Cali ranks last in the positions with just 1 point. The next duel of the ‘Ambassadors’ will be on Sunday, August 14 against Golden Eagles.