Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo was hit in the back by a ball thrown from the left outfield stand of Yankee Stadium in the game on Saturday night, and his face was pale. When the security guard tried to find the thrower, he cursed the fans who yelled at him.

After the incident, Boston coach Alex Cora briefly pulled his players off the court.

One spectator was finally ordered to leave the stands. On Sunday, the Yankees and Major League Baseball imposed a lifetime ban on the fans. This person is prohibited from participating in all 30 MLB parks.

When talking to reporters after the game, Verdugo calmed down, but he was still not excited.

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“The fans are wrong on this point,” he said. “I think anyone hit by such a ball is a kind of melee, letting everything pass and your emotions disappearing.

“I’m very happy that nothing happened, nothing happened, no one was injured. I was not injured. We look back and I will laugh. I believe people will start to fool around.” There are also people in our club talking about this. But yes, we must clean it up. “

Verdugo said (According to the Boston GlobeThe problem started when he warmed up with the ball between the two innings and then threw the ball at the Red Sox fans, only to be intercepted by the Yankees fans. Verdugo said that other fans urged Yankees fans to “throw it back,” and the fans did the same.

Although Verdugo was emotional at the moment, he knew he could not go too far.

“We are people in the spotlight, if we do something, we look like s—,” he said. “We look like bad guys. But in the final analysis, people need to understand, and we are also human beings.”


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