There is a lot of discussion about how the pandemic is subverting the hygiene habits of some people.Some people chose Less showers Because, well, there are fewer people around and they don’t really see this need.

Many other people sometimes skip deodorants.As Gabriel Alliance said Eh!Tanya Rad at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, “I’m very happy to be out of the house. Apply deodorant Consistently. “This sentiment is a blow to many of us because COVID restrictions are relaxing (for now) and people are enjoying summer activities.

Of course, brands are also taking advantage of this newly discovered freedom that people are beginning to enjoy. As things such as meeting with friends and family, attending parties and even going to the office become more and more normal, they also urge us to try to restore normal hygiene habits-such as using deodorant.

Degree, a well-known pharmacy deodorant brand, is promoting its #MoveAgainWithDegree campaign to motivate people to go out, have fun, and move around. Of course, you must wear deodorant while doing so.The brand hired drag actors, dance school owners and teachers Alyssa Edwards Used in campaigns. Suitable because if anyone knows how to move, EdwardsThe queen, formerly known as Justin Johnson, has entered the heart of the country bluntly since her first appearance RuPaul’s Rally Season 5, and then continue All-Star second season. Her dance school, incredible dance company, is the theme of the Netflix series, Dancing queen.

as usual For many drag performers, The pandemic completely shaken the business, forcing people to regroup, rethink their career paths, and attract inwardly.Edwards and Lure Looking back on the past year, she made her debut in the West End of London Alyssa, the Queen’s Memoirs!, And traveled with (a lot of) cosmetics during the pandemic.

Lure: Let’s talk about the partnership with Degree. How does this fit together, and why is it so important for you to work with them?

Alyssa Edwards: When it appeared on my desk, the hashtag #MoveAgainWithDegree really stood out to me. I am, I would say, a promoter and a vibrator. As stage performers, teachers and coaches, last year was a very difficult year for all of us. Especially for people in my industry and work/passion. The past year has been very difficult for people in my industry.


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