On Amazon 20th On its birthday in 2015, the megalodon in the e-commerce world celebrated in the way most 20-year-olds do: hold a large garage auction.

Okay, so maybe most 20-year-olds won’t celebrate their birthdays with a garage sale.but Amazon On its company blog, the motivation for the first ever Prime Membership Day was to celebrate that milestone birthday, and “Continue to innovate on behalf of customers.“In fact, Prime Day is actually Amazon’s smart plan to clear its channel excess inventory and create a shopping holiday on a scale comparable to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Now another golden day, or a few days—Monday and Tuesday—comes and goes. In the US, our panic buying a year ago has given way to barbecue kits and holiday sunscreens. Maybe now is not the best time to judge anyone to buy Oxo dishwashing brush or sports equipment that your child has been paying attention to. But judging Amazon is good.Because if shopping on Amazon is just better one? Or, if Amazon is in a quarter of life crisis in a sense, decides to help you unload instead of buying more?

This is one of the noble premises behind the concept app Amazon After created by experimental designer Scott Amron. Amron’s past concepts include everything from a mix of fountains and toothbrushes to elegant refrigerator magnets to fruit tags dissolved in soap. (He also does design work for large companies.) Despite criticism that Amazon.com has become “Broken market,” The chaotic Amazon private label products are mixed with third-party products. Amron just wants to redesign Amazon’s resale.

About 6 years ago, an unused coffee machine — a gift to Amron and his wife through Amazon — made Amron think about new ways to “sell, donate, recycle, and even rent the things you bought on Amazon. Help save your things from the landfill.” The emergence of the Internet of Things, the inevitability that our products will one day be connected, helped Amron clarify the idea: Since there are so many products connected to the application, tracking the product The life cycle will not be so difficult, its usage, and even its location. He wanted an app that would recognize that this brand new coffee machine was not in use and keep track of its resale value.An app that makes it super awesome simple Resell it. What if the platform for reselling is actually Amazon?

Amron starts work After Amazon And made a public appearance a few months ago.This concept app mimics the look and feel of the current Amazon app, all the way to the smiley arrow below the word RearThe promotion goes like this: Amazon already knows what you have — the company collects a lot of data based on your purchase history and browsing habits — but something like Amazon After will use the same data to help you resell it. The concept app will show you the total value of each item you buy on Amazon, and then suggest the “afterlife” option. People can even quote your products before you list them, which may prompt resale. You can ask Alexa to initiate a sale for you, that is, “Alexa, resell my coffee machine.”

In Amron’s imagination, the app can provide services not only for people looking for good deals on second-hand goods, but also for people who are not too concerned about reselling goods at high prices. They “just want to know that it won’t be sent to a landfill,” he said. In other words, Amron pointed out that Amazon has already upsell its services to customers based on the information it has about your purchase. In his vision for a smarter Amazon, this data will be used for resale rather than upsell. (You can’t download the app yet, but you can register Anlong’s website If Amazon blesses and allows the application to be released, you will receive a notification. )

Amron’s concept has an obvious flaw: trade-in and resale are technically already options on Amazon.com. In fact, the company has been running a trade-in program since 2011. But the categories of goods that can be traded are limited—think Echo devices, Kindle e-readers, Bluetooth speakers and headsets, and mobile phones and game consoles from specific manufacturers. Payments come in the form of Amazon gift cards so customers can… shop more on Amazon. Products that do not meet the conditions of trade-in can be sent for recycling.

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