We tell you more about Ambrosus on this page. A supply chain is, as it were, the journey a product takes from the manufacturer to the end user. There are many links in the supply chain such as a wholesaler, a carrier or any other intermediate link and this route is difficult to follow per product.

This is especially important when it comes to food or medicine. Of course you don’t want it to be tampered with and this is where Ambrosus comes in.

In this article we look at Ambrosus, the AMB coin and the Ambrosus forecast for the future. We also discuss the use case and the potential of the project. What will the Ambrosus crypto do?

Wat is Ambrosus?

Ambrosus is an ecosystem built using the Internet of Things and the blockchain. The aim of Abrosus is to make the supply chain completely transparent for the end user. The end user can be sure that the product is not only of the promised quality, but also that it is safe and original. The consumer knows exactly what it is buying and where it comes from.

Ambrosus uses smart contracts to also be able to track the products at the intermediaries in the supply chain. As a result, quality can be checked and guaranteed across various carriers and wholesalers, for example.

Tracking these transactions from intermediary to intermediary is ideally suited for the blockchain. With every intermediary, a transaction is placed on the blockchain so that you can always find where the product has been. You don’t have to believe someone’s blue eyes for this, but you can literally read it back without it being tampered with.

How does it work?

Ambrosus is developing the system on which all these goods can be tracked. At the moment it is still necessary that the data associated with the products must be entered by people and unfortunately this is still error-prone. However, the need for this diminishes as the ecosystem grows.

The tracking system is made for the supply chain by means of various sensors for temperature, movement and RFID chips.

Where Ambrosus differs from, for example, VeChain and Waltonchain, which have the same use case, is the AMB coin (amber coin). The AMB coin is used on the network and not just for speculation.

The AMB coin is literally added to the product with the associated information on the blockchain. As long as the coin is linked to a product, it is not possible to trade it. It also makes it easy to find out which information belongs to which product.

What does the Ambrosus course do?

Ambrosus originated from an ICO held in October 2017. It raised more than $32 million, approximately 33% of the intended proceeds. Investors could buy 1000 AMB for 1 Ethereum. Converted at the time, this was about $ 0.26 each. The current Ambrosus price stands at a value of $ 0.012011.

We find the first quotation of the price around the same time. The first price on coinmarketcap was $0.27. Immediately after the launch, we see a large increase that then fell again. Occasionally we see a small revival after that.

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What is the Ambrosus forecast 2022 – 2027?

The tracking system is the basis of the Ambrosus network. At present, it is mainly used for food and medicine supply chain. However, this can of course be used for anything where you need tracking, you can’t think of it that crazy.

The way in which people can retrieve information from the blockchain of a product is also discussed. In theory, a fee could be charged for the data of the product and this also makes the AMB coin interesting.

The above points make the Amber coin (AMB) very interesting for potential investors. It all depends on the extent to which the product and tracking system will be used, but the use case is very current. Can it attract large markets? Then the demand for Ambrosus can increase strongly and this is good for the Ambrosus crypto expectation.

The Ambrosus forecast for the future is difficult to predict. Obviously the use case is a very interesting one. Billions worth of products are made every year and many products are lost during transport, for example.

To date, no perfect solution has been found and Ambrosus can make a big difference here. The only question is whether they will make it given the competition in this area.

Where to buy Ambrosus?

Do you want to buy Ambrosus and add it to your portfolio? Then it is wise to do good research yourself. Have you taken the plunge once? Then you can buy Ambrosus on various exchanges, including Binance. You cannot directly deposit euros on this, but you have to ‘top up’ it with Bitcoin. You can easily do this via Bitvavo.

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The latest Ambrosus news

Hopefully in this article I was able to teach you about the parts that you can research for a solid Ambrosus expectation. The last factor missing from this story is the Ambrosus news. By following this carefully on Twitter, for example, you know exactly which way the project is going and how active the team is still.