Even after Australia’s Joe Ingles caught the basketball and the buzzer sounded to mark the end of his team’s victory over the American senior men’s national team on Monday, American coach Gregg Popovich Qi (Gregg Popovich) did not complete the fight against Ls.

He now has a 9-5 record in this position, and if he is in charge of a developing NBA team-his daily work with the San Antonio Spurs, then a 0.642 winning percentage will be completely sufficient. However, the man who served as the national team coach before him completed the 12-year run of the position with a percentage of 0.987, so Popovich’s record does not seem to be that good.

At a press conference following Australia’s 91-83 victory in Las Vegas on Monday night, Popovich again ended the game in the wrong way.

Joe Vardon, a reporter from The Athletic, asked Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard: “You see your colleagues going through some of these games and beating these teams. Now you are going through a closer and harder experience.”

Lillard gave a reasonable answer, emphasizing the progress of world basketball and the cohesion of the team. Despite some adjustments to history, he said: “In the past, when I watched, you will see another There is one person on the team that is in the NBA rotation, and one of them may be sitting on the team’s bench.” This may be the case for weaker teams, but in the recent Olympics, Spain, Argentina, or This is certainly not the case in France.

When Lillard was finished, Popovich made history suffer even more. Popovich scolded Walden for asking similar questions after the U.S. basketball team lost to Nigeria on the weekend, “There you assume that things are not true, when you just mentioned knocking down these teams-it never happened before.”

Walden tried to defend his problem by pointing out the average victory advantage of the Americans in recent games, but Popovich insisted that he had the right to do so, and he completed his statement. Of course, the coach may assert like him that such a problem “does not respect other teams”. But then he doubled down on his factual error.

“In all these games, we are very close to four or five countries,” Popovich said.

This is real.

“In general,” he continued, “no one will brag about anyone.”

Which is not.

From 2008 to 2016, in the first and last Olympic Games of former coach Mike Krzyzewski, the United States prepared and won five major events (three Olympics, two World Cups). In pre-match exhibitions and tournaments, the United States played 31 games against a group of teams currently in the top 10 of the FIBA. The list has hardly changed during this period: Argentina, Australia, France, Greece, Lithuania, Russia, Serbia and Spain. The United States has won every game. They won 25 of them by a double-digit advantage. They won 18 points by at least 20 points and 9 points by at least 30 points.

In the recent Olympics, there were three single-digit matches: against Serbia (94-91), France (100-97) and Spain (82-76). So maybe Popovich’s frame of reference ends here. But that game also included a 37-point victory over Argentina and a 96-66 victory over Serbia in a rematch with the gold medal.

“These other teams and other countries are just continuing to improve,” Lillard said. “These players, they got better, they improved, and they wanted to beat us fiercely. When you are on the court, it’s absolutely compelling.”

The Australian team, which defeated the United States on Monday, is very familiar to those watching the game here. Four of the five starters have spent a long time in the NBA (Ingles, Patty Mills, Matthew Delavidova, Aron Baines), and Joclandale is St Mary The team’s NCAA first-level star. But Ingles averaged 12.1 points per game with the Jazz, the highest among Australian players in the NBA last season. Add the average points of the Australian perimeter starters and you are still more than three points less than Lillard alone.

It shouldn’t be so difficult.


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