Producers of high-quality textiles are bringing locally grown cotton and sheets back to the United States. Red Land Cotton of North Alabama produces its own native cotton on third-generation family farms. They make luxury linens from cotton, such as sheets and towels. It’s a sustainable farming operation that aims to change the way we buy cotton household goods.

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The Yeager family has run their farm for three generations. The lateritic soil, irrigated only by rainwater, is processed by the cotton gin built at home. It allows Yeagers to control the quality of the cotton fibers that go into the sheets they manufacture. Mark Yeager, who now runs the farm, has been implementing sustainable farming practices on thousands of acres for years to minimize environmental impact.

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“Our American-made cotton bedding, sheets and bath towels are proudly made in the USA and made entirely from cotton sourced directly from our North Alabama farms,” ​​said the Yeagers. Their products have been featured in Country Living, Southern Living, The Cottage Journal and Veranda.

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Furthermore, sustainable agricultural practices are only the beginning. Locally grown and locally made sheets help the environment in many ways. It creates a smaller manufacturing and delivery cycle, eliminates the massive shipping carbon footprint of shipping goods overseas, and builds healthy economies through fair-wage jobs. Red earth cotton sheets are a luxury, but that’s because they pay a fair domestic wage and create a product that will last.

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Additionally, Red Land Cotton’s American-made cotton sheets and towels are made with 100% cotton grown on family farms. You’ll find designs ranging from basic white and gray to heirloom-inspired striped ticking designs. The Leighton Bath line is made by one of the only towel manufacturers in the US based in Griffin, Georgia. The classic quilt is filled with cotton batting also grown on the Cottonwood Farm.

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Finally, cotton sheets are healthier for you. They are extremely durable, good for cooling hot sleepers, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and available in a variety of finishes to suit every taste.

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