“The wave of criticism and demands for the head of the organization to resign is the result of the report Amnesty Internationalin which the Ukrainian armed forces were accused of using civilian facilities for military operations, “Euromaidan Press” writes.

Human rights defenders accused the Ukrainians of by using civilian infrastructure, they put civilians at risk to the Russian shelling.

According to the DPA agency, after international criticism and resignation Oksany Pokalczuk – the head of the Ukrainian branch of Amnesty International – the organization agreed to external experts analyzed the report on the activities of Ukrainian troops.

The AI ​​council is to make the appropriate decisions next week. “We want to understand what exactly went wrong and why. We want to learn lessons and improve our work in the field of human rights, “Amnesty International assured in a statement quoted by Deutsche Welle.

The organization also said the report was presented without proper context and “the accuracy expected of Amnesty”. The use of the analysis by Russian propaganda was condemned.