The Yankees need to solve their lack of a strong left-handed hitter.

They met this demand through two transactions on Thursday.First, the Bronx bomber added Joey Gallo of the RangersA few hours later, they took first baseman Anthony Rizzo from the Cubs.

In the process of acquiring Rizzo, the Yankees added a base machine and another powered bat. Sending him to New York, the Cubs gave up the team’s iconic figure and one of the key players in the team’s first World Series championship since 1908, as they began the next rebuild.

YES Network’s Jack Curry reports that the Cubs are acquiring minor league outfielder Kevin Alcantara (the Yankees’ No. 12 prospect, Every MLB pipeline) And minor league right-handed pitcher Alexander Wizcano (the team’s No. 9 prospect). They also paid Rizzo’s remaining wages in 2022.

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Anthony Rizzo deal details

  • The Yankees receive: 1B Anthony Rizzo
  • The cub gets: RHP Alexander Vizcaino, OF Kevin Alcantara

This move gives the Yankees enough flexibility to take the next step to reverse the disappointing 2022 campaign.

The Rizzo pickup is especially helpful for attacking from the left. According to Fangraphs, Only infielder Rougned Odor in the Yankees qualifying game before Thursday left hand batter with wRC+ higher than 100 (league average). Outfielder Brett Gardner is the only left-handed batsman to make more than 150 appearances. His on-base rate is 0.311, which is higher than his 0.306 batting rate.

Rizzo will also meet the huge demand for first base. After hitting more than 20 home runs for two consecutive seasons, Luke Voight has only participated in 29 games this season due to injuries. The Yankees initially used DJ LeMahieu (32 starts) and Voit was out, but the past batting champion struggled in the game (100 wRC+, 0.709 OPS). The New York first baseman’s total average points this season is 0.651.

Despite leaving his peak in Chicago, when he launched more than 30 home runs in a season, Rizzo was enjoying a rebounding season with 115 wRC+, 0.792 OPS and 14 home runs. Although his walking rate is below double digits for the first time since his rookie season in 2012, it still exceeds the available 9.6. Joining Aaron Judge, Joey Gallo, Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton into a deeper lineup, Rizzo will relieve his performance pressure. Not to mention, he can use the short porch on the right court of Yankee Stadium, Baseball experts ranked fifth Let the left-handed batter hit a home run.

Finally, joining Rizzo and having the Cubs pay him will allow New York to keep its payroll below the tax threshold. The Yankees parted ways with rescuers Justin Wilson and Luis Cesar on Tuesday to make room for other moves, and now they can let Voight add another piece before the deadline. Rizzo’s contract expires after the end of the season.

For the Cubs, this deal has two elements: return and impact on the team.

The return is good. Vizcaino is a 24-year-old single-A player who has a lot of room for improvement. According to Major League Baseball’s pipeline, he scored high on fastballs and shifts; these pitches helped him shoot 9.1 strikeouts every 9 innings in his career. He has been trying to control himself (career 3.6 BB/9), which helped to increase his career self-reportion rate to 4.95. Nevertheless, he still has the potential to become an all-around bullpen, or, if he improves his control ability, to become a high-stroke starter.

Alcantara is only 19 years old, but it is already exciting because of its high ceiling. The MLB Pipeline provides him with above-average strength, arm and defensive ratings, and speed, while rating his batting tools average. In 49 MiLB games of his career, all rookie level, his slash is 0.269/.325/.382, he has two home runs, 6 stolen bases, 43 strikeouts and 12 walks.

Of course, Cubs fans will now feel the emotional loss of losing Rizzo, rather than increasing the excitement of the prospect. Acquired from the Padres before the 2012 season, Rizzo was part of Chicago’s rebuilding and achieved 4.0 WAR or above for four consecutive seasons in the 2014-17 season. The Cubs won the World Series and became one of the best teams in the game at the time. According to reports, Rizzo won a five-year, $70 million contract extension before the start of the 2022 season, which will allow him to stay with the Cubs until the age of 37. Sports reportHe has expressed interest in staying in Chicago, but recently pointed out that he “said how I feel and love the city”, According to NBC Chicago.

“We come and go, but I just think that focusing on today is the best for me now, and I don’t know what will happen in 14 days,” Rizzo said in mid-July. “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. It’s like (Joc Pederson) (Joc Pederson) (July 15) being traded. So, in the meantime, I will definitely think,’Today, what should I do? Do?’ Play baseball and really simplify it, don’t worry.”

Worse for the fans is that Rizzo was not in the lineup on Wednesday and was not even hit in the game, which allowed them to not see him hitting the ball in a Chicago uniform for the last time.

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