It might be a good idea to provide a micro-review here. Microwave ovens generate microwaves, which generate heat by exciting polar molecules in food (especially water). Things like fans and turntables in microwave ovens can help the waves touch the food as much as possible, thereby making cooking more even.

I asked Chris Young, one of his authors Modernist cuisine And the founder of the smart thermometer company Burning Company, On why people choose to use microwave ovens for cooking in the first place.

“The microwave oven is best for cooking food that is relatively thin and doesn’t mind uneven cooking temperature,” he said. “In this regard, many plant-based foods are ideal, and rapid heating can usually retain the natural aroma and sweetness in a way that other cooking techniques cannot.”

Since I caught his attention, I also asked why some metal products would spark (or “arc”) in the microwave oven. Considering the large metal ring on the edge of each Anyday lid, I was a little wary of this.

“If you have two metal points close enough, the RF energy can generate enough voltage difference to generate a spark, and an arc will occur, just like a spark plug. So, the tines of the fork are broken, but the spoon is good because Are there any gaps where sparks can jump. Wrinkled foil creates spark gaps, but smooth metal bowls don’t.”

Since there is no gap, the metal edge on the Anyday lid does not produce sparks. Although if your microwave is large enough, the company specifies not to put two bowls in the microwave at the same time to avoid arcing between the lids.

Route correction

After the kimchi was simmered, I made Anyday’s poached salmon recipe, using ginger and lemongrass in coconut milk to wilt the beet leaves, then put the fish fillets on top and cook for a few more minutes. Although I hope you can print recipes on the website (technically you can, but in reality you won’t; they are not displayed in a printer-friendly format), I appreciate that you can plug in the microwave power and the number of courses you are making, and then Check out custom time settings and suggestions on which size bowl to use. Once again, I made a delightful and not too complicated dish in a short period of time, perfect for workday evenings. However, the little voice rang again.

Don’t let all the truth be exposed, it says, But can’t you cook salmon or stew kimchi tofu in a pot on the stove in about the same time? Can’t you observe it better on the stove-especially delicate and easily overcooked proteins like seafood?

The company’s combination of prawns with garlic, butter, lemon juice and red pepper flakes works well, but it also proves this dilemma.The shrimp itself is only the hardest point. A few days later, I found that it is easier to be supervised by the police. New York Times’ Five-course weekend dinner communication. For the latter, I can hover over the shrimps, observe and poke them, and pull them out of the hot salt water in an uncovered pan a few minutes before they are finished. This is a microwave oven that cannot be done when the food is sealed in a bowl. Essentially deprived of your sense of cooking. Nevertheless, Anyday Scampi’s recipe is great, we put it on lemon noodles and reveled in our garlic dinner.

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