The text approved in plenary coincides with the opinion issued by the Health and Consumption Commission on June 27, as all the amendments that had been kept alive were rejected.

The government initiative has among its objectives the guardianship and protection of minors and participants in games, as well as the prevention of addictive behaviors. and in the context of this regulatory framework, the initiative, which modifies the Gambling Regulation Law, “is considered very convenient” that among the functions of the National Gaming Commission, is to strengthen the evaluation capacity of the regulatory authority of the effectiveness of the measures on responsible or safe gaming required of operators.

Likewise, it introduces a reference to the technical instrument in which the actors interested in eradicating fraud and manipulation of sports competitions will be present, called the Global Betting Market Investigation Service.

During its presentation phase, four transactional amendments were added to the text that incorporated a new article indicating the general principles for the advertising of gaming activities, a section to another article adding to the functions of the National Gaming Commission that of “protecting to groups of gamblers at risk” and two additional provisions on the global betting market research service and on guidelines for the safer use of non-fungible digital assets.