COLOURPOP Pressed Powder

That’s taupe

I would not say that this is the best palette ever. In fact, now that I have tried the Colourpop palette, I don’t understand what is all about the fuss, because I have tried better ones (Art Deco Single eyeshadow system, Revlon Reading, Revolution Pro Supreme,…), but I like this range of shades, especially matte colors. I made an Artdeco palette and I have been using it, but I lacked matte taupe, which filled the gap. The shimmer tones in this palette are not as good as I hoped. Slated and Cold Blooded are very weak, and eventually produce a similar translucent shimmer on the lid. Only Constrictor is a pigmented, well-performing shimmer. But the mask is great. So colored and creamy, although I would complain that they do not mix easily. I mostly just wear Rock Steady or Python alone for simple makeup setting, but I also use the combination shimmer shadow + matte in the corners on the eyelids.

I tend to rotate my stash so that things are not forgotten. After I used it on a random day this month, I kept using it for the rest of the month. Among all liquid highlighters, this one looks best on the skin. The shimmer is very good and does not over-glow, so this is still a natural, healthy glow and I really like it. It blends easily, I only need a small amount and the shade is suitable for my pale skin.

This is not one of my favorite products, but I need to include it here because it is the best of its kind. Over the years, I have had a dislike for pH lip products because they are always uneven on my body, but this formula is the first one to have none. Its texture is very good, it is very comfortable, gentle and nourishing, I think it is a good lip balm because it is very moisturizing, so the lip color is even. The lip balm is pink in color and has a glossy appearance, so you can apply it immediately, but when it disappears from your lips, it stays pink. It smells like watermelon candy.

I was almost ready to buy ANNY Lavender Nail Polish for 10 Euros, because there is no cheaper one in our pharmacy, and then it came out. I was initially worried because if you turn the bottle, you can see a blue two-tone shimmer, but on the nails it is a normal pastel and it is very beautiful. This formula should make the nails firmer, but mine is already very good, so I can’t tell you if it works. This shade requires 2 coats to get a uniform effect, and it is not too annoying to apply.

AFRODITA COSMETICS Young & Pure 3 v 1 Cleansing Gel + Exfoliating + Mask

I discovered this by checking the ingredients on the DM, as I always do, this list caught my attention:

Aqua, Niacinamide, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Acrylate/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sodium Hydroxide, Jojoba Ester, Perfume, CI 77007

Usually three-in-one masks for unclear skin are basically thin clay masks, but this time is different, focusing on niacinamide and salicylic acid to repair spots. It doesn’t have any soap, which actually makes it more or less just a mask, but I also use it as a second cleanser, or on my days without makeup/SPF, it just doesn’t clean ordinary soap cleanser . It is a thick transparent gel with blue beads. Although it is suitable for normal to oily skin, it is not dry at all. It is not a scrub because it only has sparse round beads and does nothing, but this is a very good thing because coarse particles will ruin it. As a mask, it is recommended to wear it for 10 minutes, or use it for less time under the shower. I like how my skin behaves in this process. When I was trying to heal painful blemishes on my chin, I bought this and it faded faster than usual without using COSRX patch, but I also used 10% lactic acid. As a standalone cleaner, it leaves a thin layer of product, but considering the ingredients, I don’t mind. I was a little surprised. In my local pharmacy/supermarket, I was able to buy a mask containing niacinamide and salicylic acid. The list is so high and the ingredients are relatively simple.

I included it here because of its wide range of uses. I have always used it on the face, lips, body, abrasions and fading marks on the hair. It is a solid balm that melts into oil, so I start using it on dry hair every morning. I can’t imagine anyone with thinning hair would do this, but I like to do it on my thick, dry hair. This is just a great product. I believe their original pot recipe is similar and cheaper. I only have this because it is all they have on Notino. In addition, I actually like that it has hydrolyzed collagen and elastin, so it is better in terms of ingredients.

I tested a fair amount of drugstore conditioners/masks/therapeutics in winter, but none of them really came close to this. After too long, I finally got back to this point and after only one use, my hair feels more normal. I don’t know why I’ve been trying so many drugstore things, this is what I’ve been looking for magical things that can repair my hair, or if this happens, I can at least find good things back up and I can’t buy them again . This is very different from the conditioner I used the previous week. My hair is softer and more moisturized, especially the tips of my hair don’t feel like an old broom.I am using Disposable pot version Plus the masks I’m trying, but it’s just not as good as this one.

My special feature here is not just because of its scent, although it is a good scent, a well-done powdery floral scent, some people may be surprised to find that it comes from Avon, but because of its convenient form, So have a place here. I have this in my bag because it is very travel-friendly, and I end up using it often because I remember forgetting to use perfume in the car. I’m very happy that there is spray, and it’s not rolling. I would love to have more of these, because I am very sensitive to my own scents, and constantly changing them, Avon has many good choices.


I have been using them almost every day since I got them, I just don’t understand why I use them because I have been disappointed with the staying power later in the day when I see myself in the mirror. Especially the eyeliner will fade and crack, and sometimes even transfer. I reached for them because they are those tube formulas and are easy to wash off with water, but the more I use them, the more problems I have. Sometimes the mascara does not come off completely and I need to use micellar water, but in most cases my eyes will appear flaky, which can be very irritating sometimes.These are just not good, but I don’t want to throw them away because it’s wasteful and they are all opened, so they can only be used for a few months, but my Oriflame Giordani Gold Rich Volume Mascara with Catrice regular liquid liner Much better, even if I have to do a more thorough removal.

ORIFLAME Giordani Golden Flower Essence

notes: Pear, Sabah Jasmine

heart: Camellia Celebratissima Accord, Neroli Extract, Ylang Ylang Tahiti

according to: Vanilla, Ambergris, Musk

I have got Sensual Essence Version, this is a fantastic fragrance, this is another high-quality perfume. I prefer Essenza Sensuale because it contains jasmine, which sometimes gives me headaches, but I can’t deny that it is a well-done, rich floral fragrance that smells like luxury goods to me. I mainly smell orange blossom and jasmine, so it belongs to the same fragrance group as Elie Saab Le Parfum, but for me it is most similar to the discontinued L’Occitane Fleur d’Or Accacia. It is very strong, and it lasts very well on the skin, just like Essenza, so this is really a well-done scent.


IT’S SKIN Power 10 Formula Propolis -This brand, um, these 10 essences have recently been sold in DM. This is a surprise. Although the price is high, it is still not much higher than the online order plus shipping. My skin loves propolis and I will get this when I reach DM-I have tried it for two weeks.

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Anti-aging Super UV Facial Protector SPF50 -I am a fan body fluid From Garnier, they added two more sunscreens this year. This niacinamide is at the top of the list, I might get the liquid and this at the same time. I will definitely repurchase fluid, but we will see this. According to the comments, this is heavier.

ESSENCE I love the ultimate crazy volume mascara waterproof- A new waterproof mascara from Essence. Since I am a fan of blue mascara, I also want to try this mascara. Before I gave it to my mother, I used the original for 5 minutes (I lost my eyelashes after a second, so it didn’t suit me), but I remember it was very plump.

Neutrogena Glow Boost Rejuvenating Day Care -Since the first time I saw it in Müller, I have been attracted by it. Its mandelic acid tops the list (No. 3), as well as the new glucosamine acetylglucosamine (No. 5) and PHA (Gluconolactone, No. 4), so it is a potentially interesting mild exfoliating anti-keratin. Aging formula.

CATRICE Youth Vitality Essence- It contains an unknown percentage of bakuchiol, I want to try it in case I like it better Revolution One I have been using it for a few months (I feel that my skin has lost its softness since I started using it). Unfortunately, it was out of stock when I was in Müller.

EUCERIN anti-aging hyaluronic acid filled elastic anti-wrinkle hand cream SPF 30 -This caught my attention because it has SPF 30, which is hard to find in the hand creams here. But it also contains thiamine, which can eliminate age spots.

OLAPLEX n.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask -A new product. I have most of Olaplex’s stuff, only shampoo is missing. Obviously I want to try this mask because it guarantees hydration. I hope it is good for dry hair.

L’Oreal Elvive Colorvive Color Protect Purple Anti-Yellow Hair Oil -Purple essential oil for blonde hair. My roots are always yellower than my length and it is difficult to control the tone when shampooing or using a mask, so this might be a solution (I know Balea has a purple leave-in spray, but I heard it’s not so it is good).I have got shampoo with mask, They are all very pigmented and suitable for darker blonde tones. I hope we can buy it here, it is already in the UK, Germany and Austria.

PALMER’S cocoa butter formula repair conditioner and moisture-rich shampoo – I love oil Starting from this line, I hope these two are suitable for very dry hair. Also I heard that they smell like oil, mint chocolate.

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