We believe eye makeup offers the perfect opportunity to create countless stunning beauty trends. Some people are going crazy on TikTok, especially like Euphoria makeup tutorials. Rue Bennett’s shimmering tears and Jules Vaughn’s ombré blue eyeshadow are just a few examples of how ubiquitous they are now. They ruled for a while. Now, we’re grateful that our favorite celebrities have been taking notes and giving twists to those iconic looks.

Founder and Singer of Cut to rem Beauty Grande Arianawho teased one EuphoriaJewel-inspired cat eye on May 2 via Instagram carousel. The look is simple; we see thin lashes, bright pink lips and defined eyebrows. The subtlety makes orange eye gems breakout stars because they look shimmery. This isn’t your usual Ariana Grande beauty look, and I think that’s what makes us like it even more. We couldn’t miss her gem in this particular beauty moment, with her long brown hair fluttering around her neck with light ombré tips.

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