In Mexico City, MIRA’s new urban concept, Neuchatel Cuadrante Polanco, explores art and well-being, looking at a possible future for the Nuevo Polanco area. It is a real estate complex owned by Ivanhoe Cambride and developed by MIRA, centered on mobility, art, urbanism, design, community and efficiency. The development will house the first artificial intelligence artwork in Latin America. “Eyes of Mexico” is an installation curated and produced by MASSIVart and created by Ouchhh Studio.

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What is Neuchâtel Quadrant Polanco? This is a mixed-use complex designed to reflect the concept of community in a futuristic, sustainable way. The city is not only concerned with environmental sustainability, but aims to have a positive impact on its residents through design.

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Cityscape of skyscrapers

The development has an interwoven system of streets, blocks, plazas and recreational areas. It aims to restore belonging through an integrated, walkable urbanism.

Roberto Pulido, CEO of MIRA, said: “The unique character of our urban spaces helps cities grow, secures their future and provides quality time for those who live in them, allowing Their daily lives become extraordinary.”

A sloping O-shaped sculpture stands on a circular platform in the center of the city square as people look at it

The heart of Cuadrante Neuchatel will be the “Eye of Mexico”. MIRA collaborated with MASSIVart on this piece. They are a global creative public art consultancy and production company that aims to make art more accessible to cultural impact. So seek to create experiences that create stronger, more authentic connections between customers and audiences.

A large O-ring sculpture sits on a circular platform and people walk around it

“Neuchatel Cuadrante Polanco is a unique opportunity to provide a sustainable place to live, work, play, shop, eat and more. The project is attractive to those looking for a healthier work-life balance and want to stay connected to their community “We are delighted to be working with MIRA on this great project whose core ‘Eye of Mexico’ highlights its modernity,” said Jorge Margain, Managing Director of Ivanhoe Cambridge Mexico.

O-shaped sculpture with multiple screens embedded

“Eyes of Mexico” will use artificial intelligence to present a performance audio-visually, with data about how Mexico City residents move. This will convey to the audience the relationship that exists between art, science, technology, urbanism and mobility.

+ Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco

Image via Neuchâtel Cuadrante Polanco, MIRA and MASSIVart