The team can still choose to appeal the penalty kick-Vettel lost second place in Budapest-although the latest ruling by the FIA ​​management has dealt a major blow to their hopes of success

Last update: 09/08/21 7:03pm

The FIA ​​rejected Aston Martin’s request for Sebastian Vettel to costly disqualify for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The team still has the option to appeal the penalty kick-Vettel lost second place in Budapest-even though the latest ruling by the FIA ​​administrator has dealt a major blow to their hopes of success.

After Aston Martin failed to provide the required 1-liter fuel sample, Vettel was disqualified long after reaching the podium last Sunday. Initiating their appeal process and review rights last week, the team claimed that there were 1.74 liters of fuel left in the car-even though the FIA ​​technical representative could only extract 0.3 liters of fuel.

They also stated that they “discovered important new evidence” in this case.

On Monday afternoon, the management met with Aston Martin’s staff-including team boss Otmar Szafnauer. The team provided “new evidence”-claiming that “fuel system failure” caused them not to receive the required amount of fuel after the race. .

However, the request for review was rejected because the FIA, as the governing body of F1-although it has accepted this is new information-but the reason for claiming that the car has less than 1 liter of fuel is irrelevant.

“Technical regulations clearly require 1 liter remaining and no exceptions are allowed,” read a statement from the FIA ​​on Monday night.

“Therefore, for assessing whether there is a violation of the 1 liter requirement, why it is less than 1 liter does not make any difference. There may be two explanations why the remaining amount is insufficient at the end of the game.

“In any case, ensuring that the car complies with the regulations at all times is still the sole responsibility of the contestant, and claiming that no performance advantage has been obtained is not a defense.

“In order to confirm the relevant facts, Aston Martin had to provide the fact that the actual remaining fuel exceeded 1 liter. The explanation why this requirement could not be met has nothing to do with the decision on whether to violate the regulations. The regulations have already occurred.”

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