Laws, rules, and red tape govern legal and competitive cars on the street. For the rich, these are not constraints, but challenges.with 2022 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro revels in its lack of restraint. This is a supercar with Le Mans prototype performance (and pedigree), but it is not subject to racing rules or power restrictions-or any restrictions required for a legal car on the street. Because it’s not legal whether it’s a road or a race. It is the ultimate supercar for supercar lovers: only for limited uses, and very focused on its awesome role-thrilling on the track.

Part of the reason why Valkyrie AMR Pro is like this is that its race version is designed to participate in the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race at the Le Mans supercar level. Formal suspensionThis means that it has benefited a lot from the program, using the racing chassis and lessons learned from the development of aerodynamics and power systems. Valkyrie’s Le Mans and AMR Pro versions have abandoned the heavy-duty hybrid system that will be used in the road version of Valkyrie, while AMR Pro is not subject to the power or weight limitations of the Le Mans supercar class.

This means that its performance will actually exceed its motorsport rivals. It will be more powerful and not small in number. Although the power of the Hypercar class is limited to 500 kW (approximately 670 horsepower), the Valkyrie AMR Pro will produce power in the 1,000 hp range. 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V-12 developed by CosworthThe final data will be announced soon, but we know that this engine itself can produce about 1,000 horsepower at a stratospheric speed of 10,500 rpm In the regular Valkyrie (The hybrid power unit adds an additional 160 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque).

Aston Martin stated that the AMR Pro is designed to be able to surpass the Lassart circuit in its 24 Hours of Le Mans in an astonishing 3 minutes and 20 seconds in 3 minutes and 20 seconds-this amazing time will only make AMR The Pro is slightly behind the fastest Hyundai Le Mans prototype. In any case, this is extraordinary-although it certainly requires a combination of skills suitable for the highest level of motorsports to try. Fortunately, in addition to special track activities, Aston Martin will also provide car owners with driver development and vehicle familiarization support so that car owners can exercise their AMR Pro.

There are other differences between AMR Pro and the road version of Valkyrie. It has a significantly longer wheelbase, actually close to 15 inches, with a width of 3.8 inches at the front and 4.5 inches at the rear. As if this were not enough, the upgraded aerodynamics package adds a significant extra length of 10.5 inches, doubling the maximum downforce level and allowing, Aston Martin claims, turning weights in excess of 3 grams-this will definitely make you The neck gets exercised.

In addition to abandoning the hybrid system, AMR Pro does not have any minimum weight requirements, so the carbon fiber (body, suspension arm) and plexiglass (windshield, side windows) diet reduces the unspecified total weight. There is no rear window. We assume that the final weight figure will appear with the full specifications.

This is not the same car Aston Martin showed us at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, as shown aboveUnlike the current AMR Pro, that car is based on a road chassis. With the suspension of the racing program, Valkyrie AMR Pro was redesigned. In addition to the chassis of the car, it now wears elegant side mirrors perched on its eye-catching front fender.Vertical fin flow The rear of the cabin It still exists, but the tail is more visible. The headlights are also larger, giving it a stronger visual connection with road cars. The same basic form below the wild aerodynamics connects it to other Valkyrie variants, but this is more like a barely tame racing version than a designated street car.

This begs the question: What prevents the owner from re-adjusting the engine, ballasting it to meet the minimum weight requirement, and racing at Le Mans? Aston Martin stated that they have no plans to officially use AMR Pro cars, but “if there is a chance”, the company will consider supporting the addition of private teams. It is not clear what is required to switch to a competitive specification, but the underlying chassis meets contemporary requirements as it is.

Aston Martin said it will produce 40 Valkyrie AMR Pros, all of which are left-hand drive models. There is no official pricing information, although considering that the road model is priced at US$2.8 million, the price seems to be between US$4 million and US$5 million. And there is no customization, which is an additional cost.

The company has previously stated that it will build only 25 vehicles and they will all be sold out. The brand is a little shy about whether all 40 new AMR Pro variants are sold out, but it encourages interested parties to contact in case those who have already raised their hands can no longer buy. Do you feel lucky, gentleman racer?

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