Covid-19 vaccine update

AstraZeneca admits that Siam Bioscience, a Thai pharmaceutical company owned by the billionaire, has launched Covid-19 vaccine production King Maha Vajiralongkorn, Has been “complicated”, but stated that its goal is to supply Thailand with as many as 5 to 6 million doses per month.

As the Anglo-Swiss drugmaker makes concessions, Thailand is struggling to cope Record wave The coronavirus infection and the shortage of available vaccines have aroused public anger against the Prayut Chan Ocha government.

“Our vaccine is a kind of’biological’ product, starting from growing’live’ ingredients. Its production is very complicated,” James Teague, managing director of AstraZeneca Thailand, sent a letter to reporters on Saturday morning. “The People’s Open Letter” said.

“The dosage of each’harvested’ batch is never completely determined, especially in the early stages of a new supply chain,” Teague said. “Even in this case, our forecast shows that within a few months of continuous production, we can supply 5 to 6 million doses in Thailand.”

The production target of 5 million to 6 million doses is lower than the official Thailand’s 10 million doses per month Said in the pastHowever, this is in line with AstraZeneca’s commitment in a statement. Leaked letter Anutin Charnvirakul, Minister of Health of Thailand.

Production delay Siam BiosciencesThe new vaccine manufacturer and AstraZeneca’s only vaccine production center in Southeast Asia have been affected in other countries that rely on Thai imports, including the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan.

In Thailand, government critics blasted the decision to rely mainly on a single supplier, AstraZeneca, which promised to provide up to 61 million doses of vaccine-even so Risk prosecution According to the country’s stringent royal defamation laws.The Prayut government has already said May block Some export jabs.

Teague said that AstraZeneca has delivered 9 million doses of vaccine, Thailand Management started in June, And will provide another 2.3 million to the Ministry of Public Health of the country next week.

He said that AstraZeneca is delivering vaccines manufactured by Siam Bioscience “as fast as possible,” but is also “searching” more than 20 supply chains in its global manufacturing network to find more doses.

He said: “The tight global supply of the Covid-19 vaccine and the shortage of materials and components needed to produce the vaccine make it difficult to provide certainty today, but we hope to import more doses in the coming months.”

To date, Thailand has reported more than 453,000 Covid cases and 3,930 deaths, more than half of which were recorded in the past month. The country reported 14,260 new infections on Saturday.

Teague’s letter pays tribute to “our brothers and sisters” in Thailand and Southeast Asia, where there are many countries Impose a lockdown Facing the rising death toll in recent weeks.

Thailand has Full vaccination Its proportion of nearly 70 million people is slightly higher than 5%, which is lower than its poorer neighbors Cambodia and Laos.

Thai celebrities In recent days, they have joined opposition politicians to attack the Prayut government’s handling of the pandemic, prompting Thai police to threaten to prosecute critics of its vaccine policy.

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